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Issue 1 in 2023

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
1Bioprotection of wood from microbial damage (review)

S.G. Skugoreva
L.I. Domracheva
L.V. Trefilova
P.A. Starikov
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Section 2: Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
Sample size and power calculations for nonparametric tests in vegetation research

M.M. Sanjerehei
3Modeling of the vertical structure of shade trees in cacao agroforestry systems

B. Sánchez-Díaz
L. Ríos-Rodas
A. Sol-Sanchez
A. del Rosario Fraire-Vazquez
J. del Carmen Geronimo-Torres
R. Solís-Silvan

Section 3: Monitoring natural and anthropogenically disturbed areas
4Atmospheric air monitoring in the area of enterprises for the disposal of hazardous industrial waste

T.Ya. Ashikhmina
G.Ya. Kantor
A.S. Timonov
Е.А. Domnina
E.V. Dabakh
N.V. Syrchina
L.V. Kondakova
T.I. Kutyavina
S.G. Skugoreva
S.Yu. Ogorodnikova
V.V. Rutman
D.A. Kuznetzov

5Integral classification of air quality in European cities

V.S. Tikunov
S.K. Belousov

Biochemical activity of podzolic soils at the cuttings in middle taiga spruce forest

E.M. Perminova
N.N. Bondarenko
T.N. Shchemelinina
Е.М. Lapteva

Section 4: Chemistry of natural environments and objects
7Carbon stocks in forest soils of the Krasnoyarsk Region: analysis of soil and tree species role

A.F. Osipov
V.V. Startsev
A.S. Prokushkin
A.A. Dymov

8Accumulation of polyarenes in higher plants of hummock peatlands in the southern and northern tundra

E.V. Yakovleva
D.N. Gabov

9Statistical analysis of the relationship between heavy metal accumulation and plants biochemical responses in the urban area

A.S. Petukhov
T.A. Kremleva
N.A. Khritokhin
G.A. Petukhova

Section 5: Agroecology
10The use of fertilizer mixtures based on sewage sludge and zeolite in oilseed agrocenoses

D.V. Vinogradov
M.P. Makarova
T.V. Zubkova

11Compost from chicken manure as a source of antibiotic resistance of soil actinomycetes

I.G. Shirokikh
N.A. Bokov
N.E. Zavyalova
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

12Wheat crops weediness assessment based on geobotanical, ground and satellite spectral data

T.I. Pisman
I.Y. Botvich
M.G. Erunova
D.V. Emelyanov
N.А. Оgorodov
А.А. Shpedt
А.P. Shevyrnogov

Section 6: Population ecology
13Size-age and histomorphological indicators of the Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) of Putorana Nature Reserve

I.S. Nekrasov
A.G. Selyukov

14Morphological variation in round goby, Neogobius melanostomus (Actinopterygii, Gobiidae) from the Black Sea

R.E. Belogurova
15Microscopic fungi in the soils of forest ecosystems of the Voronezh State Natural Biosphere Reserve

N.N. Nazarenko
I.D. Svistova

Section 7: Ecologization of production
16Developing a system of environmental indicators reflecting the water management aspects of an enterprise in the light of sustainable development

S.A. Dvinskikh
O.V. Larchenko
M.A. Oskina

17Extraction of copper and zinc ions from wastewater by a sorbent based on chitosan

E.A. Tatarintseva
O.A. Arefieva
L.N. Olshanskaya
A.A. Petrov
F. Bugerara

Section 8: Remediation and recultivation
18Phytoextraction of lead and cadmium from soils of landfills by some agricultural crops

L.V. Mosina
Yu.A. Kholopov
Yu.A. Zhandarova

19Phytoremediation potential of willow herb and reed canary grass under conditions of polyelemental pollution

L.M. Shaposhnikova
O.V. Raskosha
N.G. Rachkova

Section 9: Ecology and climate change
20Influence of industrial emissions from heat power engineering enterprises on the absorption of solar radiation in the atmosphere

V.A. Kuzmin
I.A. Zagrai
N.A. Shmakova

Section 10: Social ecology
21Environmental protection during mining in the Arctic: legal aspects

Р.P. Battakhov
22To estimation of the probability of human primary incidence growth in the conditions of a natural biogeochemical province without endemic diseases

E.A. Malkova
E.V. Mikheeva
I.A. Kshnyasev

Section 11: Chronicle
Anniversary of Vasily Alekseevich Sysuev

P. 194
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
Journal “Theoretical and Applied Ecology” is 15 years old

P. 195–196
T.Ya. Ashikhmina


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