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About publishing house


Publishing house O-Kratkoe LLC (OK LLC) was founded in 2006 and is located in the city of Kirov (Vyatka). Active since 2007. It is the publisher of the journal "Theoretical and Applied Ecology" since its inception. The first issue of "TaAE" was signed for printing on May 10, 2007. Since then, on the basis of the publishing house, 60 issues of thejournal have been prepared for printing and published (it is published once a quarter).

O-Kratkoe is a universal publishing house. The main direction of work is the publication of books by Vyatka authors, fiction, historical and local history literature, as well as books for children, albums on art, gift editions. During its work, the publishing house has prepared and published more than three hundred books, as well as many brochures, booklets and other printed products. It was the publisher of the magazines TDT (Kirov), Competition Today (UMC FAS, Moscow).
People often ask where the unusual name of the publishing house came from. O-Kratkoe is a new letter of the alphabet, which was invented by the minimalist writer Georgy Pluzhnikov. But, as you know, everything new is well-forgotten old. The short phoneme "O" and the letter denoting it are found in some Slavic and Finno-Ugric languages, there was such a letter in the Russian alphabet (withdrawn during the reform of the alphabet by Peter I). In our case, it means a short enthusiastic sound “Oh!”.
The publishing house is a member of the Russian Book Union since 2009, and since 2010 it has been an active member of the Russian Book Publishers Association (ASKI). O-Kratkoe LLC is a member of the Vyatka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
Starting from 2010, O-Kratkoe is taking part in all-Russian and international book exhibitions every year. The books of the publishing house are annually celebrated at the regional competition "Vyatka Book", repeatedly became laureates of interregional, national and international competitions ("Book of the Year", "Best Books of the Year", "Art of the Book", "Small Motherland", "Book - the path of cooperation and progress ”, “Golden Knight”, etc.), were repeatedly included in the “Top-50” of the best regional publications.
Here are just a few examples of notable books published by O-Kratkoe. In 2010, the book "Vyatka on an old postcard" won the national competition "Book of the Year" in the nomination "Printed in Russia", becoming the first Vyatka publication to receive such an award. In 2015, the book "Miracle Clay, Dymkovo" also became a finalist in the main book competition of the country in the nomination "Art Book", as well as the winner of the All-Russian competition "Best Books of the Year", a finalist in the "Grand Prix" nomination of the contest of the CIS countries "Art books” and others. The book “Vyatka folk arts and crafts” received awards from six competitions and went through three reprints. A kind of champion among O-Kratkoe publications is the book of fairy tales by Tamara Kopaneva “Vyatskoye far away” (designed by the artist Tatyana Korshunova), which won 12 awards at various levels and became the best book for children in 2015.

Director of the publishing house "O-Kratkoe" is Evgeny Mikhailovich Drogov, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia (since 2005), in 2015-2019 headed the Union of Journalists of the Kirov Region (regional branch of the UJR), a member of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ANRI), is on the board of the Association of Book Publishers of Russia (ASKI).

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The journal was founded in 2007