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Issue 1 in 2019

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
1Multivariate statistical analysis of ecological communities (review)

V.K. Shitikov
Т.D. Zinchenko

2Environmental aspects of sulfate turpentine refining (review)

Е.S. Izmest`ev
S.А. Rubtsova
А.V. Kutchin

Section 2: Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas
3Algological analysis of soil state in the vicinity of the plant “Maradykovskiy” after it finished functioning

L.V. Kondakova
К.А. Bezdenezhnykh
Т.Ya. Аshikhmina

4Content of toxic elements in water and macroalgae of the Argun River (Russia) basin water courses

A.P. Kuklin
G.Ts. Tsybekmitova

Section 3: Chemistry of natural environments and objects
5Content of heavy metals in urban surface water bodies

E.G. Riabova
6Pectic polysaccharides of callus tissue of the stem of Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.

E.N. Gordina
A.A. Zlobin
E.A. Martinson
S.G. Litvinets

Section 4: Population ecology
7Morphogenetic structure of marsh frog populations of Pelophylax ridibundus (Amphibia, Anura) under conditions of urban environment

E.A. Snegin
A.S. Barkhatov

8Red Book of vascular plants along oil pipelines in Yaroslavl Region

L.P. Kapelkina
T.E. Teplyakova

9The dynamics of the elements of fitness of experimental populations of Drosophila under conditions of chronic low-intensity exposure

I.N. Yuraneva
V.G. Zainullin

10Distribution, number and protection of the Falconiformes in Nenets Autonomous district

O.Y. Mineev
Y.N. Mineev
S.K. Kochanov

Section 5: Greening of production
11The use of multicomponent adsorption filters in water purification systems and luminescent control of ecotoxicant content

E.I. Tikhomirova
O.A. Plotnikova
O.V. Atamanova
M.V. Istrashkina
A.V. Koshelev
A.L. Podolsky

12Development and optimization of biological treatment of quarry waters from mineral nitrogen in the Arctic

L.A. Ivanova
V.A. Myazin
M.V. Korneykova
N.V. Fokina
V.V. Redkina
G.A. Evdokimova

13The possibility of reducing the toxicity of gaseous emissions of power plants by the effect of an electrostatic field on the organic fuel combustion zone

I.A. Zyryanov
A.P. Pozolotin
A.G. Budin
E.V. Kantor

Section 6: Agroecology
14Optimization of the microbiological composition of the biological product for cultivation of Lotus corniculatus

L.I. Domracheva
D.V. Kozylbayeva
A.L. Kovina
L.V. Trefilova
Yu.N. Zykova
M.N. Gripas
V.A. Izotova

15Microbial transformation of organic matter of sod-podzolic soils in the Pre-Urals under conditions of different use and application of mineral fertilizers

N.E. Zavyalova
I.G. Shirokikh
A.I. Kosolapova
A.A. Shirokikh

Section 7: Social ecology
16Ethnoecology of the Slavic World: application significance on the Eurasian space

I.Yu. Trushkova
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
L.V. Kondakova

17“Smart” state regulation in the sphere of environmental protection and nature management

M.A. Kostenko
O.V. Popova
M. Lutovac

18Problems of state regulation of the organization of protection zones for hunting resources

I.A. Grebnev


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