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Scientific Journal "Theoretical and Applied Ecology"

The journal publishes articles in Russian (or English) in all areas of environmental and related sciences: original papers, review articles, and chronicle information, reviews of interest to the scientific community.

The journal is included in the new revised list of Higher Attestation Commission by fields of science:
  • 1.4.2. - Analytical Chemistry (chemical sciences)
  • 1.5.11. - Microbiology (biological sciences)
  • 1.5.15. - Ecology (biological sciences)
  • 1.5.15. - Ecology (chemical sciences)
  • 1.5.19. - Soil Science (Biological Sciences)
  • 1.6.12. - Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry (geographical sciences)
  • 1.6.19. - Aerospace exploration of the Earth, photogrammetry (technical sciences)
  • 1.5.15. – Ecology (technical sciences)
  • 1.6.21. – Geoecology (geographical sciences)
  • 1.6.21. – Geoecology (technical sciences)
  • 2.6.7. – Technology of inorganic substances (chemical sciences)
  • 4.1.3. – Agrochemistry, agrosoil science, plant protection and quarantine (biological sciences)
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Current publications:

Application of a complex of biologically active substances of Аronia melanocarpa in parapharmaceutical phytofilms
V.A. Kozvonin, E.V. Tovstik, V.K. Tupitsyn, S.A. Votintseva
Chemistry of natural environments and objects

Basidial fungal polysaccharides increase the quality of bovine reproductive cells when frozen
T.V. Polezhaeva, O.N. Solomina, A.N. Khudyakov, А.А. Shirokikh, D.V. Popyvanov, M.I. Sergushkina, O.O. Zaitseva, I.G. Shirokikh
Методология и методы исследований. Модели и прогнозы

The effect of nitrapyrin on microbiota and emissions of greenhouse gas from livestock by-products
N.V. Syrchina, L.V. Pilip, T.Ya. Ashikhmina
Экология и климат

Obtaining and application iodinated bactericide for water disinfection in local treatment systems
N.V. Vedeneeva, E.I. Tikhomirova, A.V. Koshelev, V. F. Golovkov
Social ecology

Phenology of the spawning migration start dates of anuran amphibians (Anura, Amphibia) in the river valleys of Saratov Right Bank region
M.V. Yermokhin, V.G. Tabachishin
Population ecology

Assessment of the soil and vegetation cover condition of the river basin based on remote sensing data
P.S. Shutov, T.A. Trifonova, N.V. Mishchenko
Мониторинг природных и антропогенно нарушенных территорий

Sources, toxicity and bioaccumulation of rare earths in the environment: review
A.S. Olkova, M.A. Sysolyatina
Theoretical problems of ecology

Primary pedogenesis on different texture substrates in post-technogenic ecosystems of the taiga zone
I.A. Likhanova, E.G. Kuznetsova, Yu.V. Kholopov, S.V. Deneva, E.M. Lapteva
Remediation and rehabilitation

The assessment of potential risks of chloride salts and their effect on seed germination and plant development
L.P. Voronina, V.L. Flerchuk, K.E. Ponogaybo, A.V. Sbitnev, M. Abdelkader

Cyanobacteria and Algae in the Karlamanskaya Cave (Bashkortostan Republic, Russia)
M. Yu. Sharipova, I.Е. Dubovik
Population ecology

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