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Social and Scientific Journal "Theoretical and Applied Ecology"

The journal publishes articles in Russian (or English) in all areas of environmental and related sciences: original papers, review articles, and chronicle information, reviews of interest to the scientific community.

The journal is included in the new revised list of Higher Attestation Commission by fields of science:
  • 03.02.08 Ecology (technical, biological and chemical sciences)
  • 03.02.09 Biogeochemistry (chemical sciences)
  • 03.02.03 Microbiology (biological sciences)
  • 03.02.13 Soil science (biological sciences)
  • 02.00.02 Analytical Chemistry (chemical sciences)
  • 25.00.36 Geoecology (by branches) (technical sciences)
  • 25.00.34 Aerospace exploration of the Earth (photogrammetry) (technical sciences)
  • 25.00.23 Physical geography and biogeography; soil geography and landscape geochemistry (geographical sciences)
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Current publications:

Assessment of titanium dioxide nanoparticle effects on living organisms
V. I. Polonskiy, A. A. Asanova
Theoretical problems of ecology

Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the use of sorbents of different nature with respect to copper(II) ions
S. G. Skugoreva, G. Ya. Kantor, L. I. Domracheva, T. I. Kutyavina
Research methods. Models and projects

Modern trends in the development of bioassay methodology of aquatic environments
A. S. Olkova
Research methods. Models and projects

Reducing the environmental threat of motor vehicles by converting engines for operating on natural gas
V. Romanyuk, V. A. Likhanov, O. P. Lopatin
Research methods. Models and projects

Military activity influence on some metals content in the Saur-Mogila soil, Donbas
A. S. Alemasova, Y. I. Penkova, A. S. Pivovarova, R. V. Ostapenko
Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas

Comparative analysis of artesian water quality
T. N. Ashurbekova, N. G. Isaeva, A. N. Murzaeva, E. M. Musinova, Z. G. Gadzhimusaeva, R. А. Abduragimov
Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas

Development of plankton communities in the anthropogenic hydrothermal conditions
N. A. Tashlykova, E. Yu. Afonina
Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas

Migration of pollutants and contamination of groundwater when mining iron ore
Yu. A. Babushkina, N. N. Nazarenko
Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas

Ecology and structure of Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. (Orchidaceae) coenopopulations in the Northern Urals
I. A. Kirillova, S. V. Degteva, Y. A. Dubrovskiy, A. B. Novakovskiy
Population ecology

Anthropogenic adaptation of reproductive biology of conditional-synanthropic birds
L. Kuchar, Е. S. Ivanov, А. V. Baranovskiy, D. V. Vinogradov, Ja. Leśny, А.V. Schur
Population ecology

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