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Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
Two sides of soil fungi of the genus Fusarium and their metabolites: danger to biota and the possibility of use in biotechnology (review)

L.I. Domracheva
A.I. Fokina
S.G. Skugoreva
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

2Phthalates – a strange delusion of ecologists

A.A. Semenov
A.G. Enikeev
T.A. Babenko
T.N. Shafikova
A.G. Gorshkov

Obtaining inorganic pigments from galvanic waste

N.V. Syrchina
Т.Ya. Ashikhmina
G.Ya. Kantor

4The effectiveness of oil gathering devices in ice conditions and methods for its increase

А.V. Salnikov
Section 2: Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
Laboratory methods for assessing the effectiveness of dispersants used in various countries for oil spill response in offshore conditions

B.A. Ananchenko
S.G. Litvinets
E.A. Martinson
A.V. Nikolaeva
M.A. Troshin

6Cartographic modeling of the Russian steppe-zone urban landscapes with the use of neural networks

S.A. Dubrovskaya
R.V. Ryakhov

7The study of Lake Aslykul (Southern Cis-Ural) area dynamics by processing the satellite images on the basis of the algebraic approach

B.I. Kochurov
R.F. Malikov
A.R. Iskhakov
G.T.-G. Turikeshev
A.R. Usmanova
E.B. Kratynskaya

Applying remote sensing techniques to changes of water body and aquatic plants in Anzali International Wetland (1985–2018)

A.R.Pirali Zefrehei
M. Fallah
A. Hedayati

Zinc ion adsorption by soils of the Republic of Udmurtia

M.A. Shumilova
V.G. Petrov

Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas
10Faunistic characteristics and monitoring of vertebrates on the territory of the State Nature Reserve “Bylina”

V.M. Ryabov
Т.Ya. Аshikhmina

11Anthropogenic transformation of the landscapes of Southwestern Crimea in the vicinity of Balaklava for the period from 1836 to 2017

I.V. Agarkova-Lyakh
A.M. Lyakh

12Effect of aerotechnogenic impact of pulp and paper production on the pigment complex of Scots pine

V.V. Tuzhilkina
13Bioassay of water from urban river systems of Armenia using model test system

R.E. Avalyan
E.A. Aghajanyan
A.L. Atoyants
R.M. Aroutiounian

Assessment of the state of surface water bodies in the area of the landfill for pesticides

T.Ya. Ashikhmina
S.G. Skugoreva
T.A. Adamovich
E.V. Tovstik

Study of lichen recovery after catastrophic disturbances in boreal forests: methodological aspects and evaluated characteristics

V.N. Tarasova
V.I. Androsova
V.V. Gorshkov
R.V. Ignatenko
I.Yu. Bakkal
R.O. Obabko

Section 4: Agroecology
The biological and ecological basics of Kochia prostrata introduction to culture in the Northwest Circum-Caspian semi-desert zone

Z.Sh. Shamsudinov
E.Z. Shamsutdinova
V.N. Nidyulin
N.Z. Shamsutdinov
V.V. Sanzheev
A.A. Chamidov

17Changes in the amino acid composition of humic substances of podzolic soils during forest regeneration after harvest cutting

N.N. Bondarenko
Е.М. Lapteva

18Effects of humus compounds stabilization by influence of bentonite rock as criteria for environmental sustainability of sod-podsolic soil agroecosystems

A.V. Kozlov
A.H. Kulikova
I.P. Uromova
R.I. Rumyantsev

Section 5: Chemistry of natural environments and objects
Comparative study of the content of trace elements in the system soil – plants of meadow biocenoses

E.V. Dabakh
A.P. Kislitsina
Е.А. Domnina

Spatial distribution of natural and technogenic radionuclides in arctic soils of the Moller gulf, Novaya Zemlya archipelago

V.V. Kriauciunas
I.A. Kuznetsova
S.A. Iglovsky
A.V. Bazhenov
S.V. Druzhinin
E.I. Kotova

21Microelemental composition of fluvioglacial sands as a factor of increased phytodiversity in the polissya landscapes

O.V. Shopina
N.G. Kadetov
I.N. Semenkov

Heavy metal content in wild plants on worked-out peatlands

E.S. Novoselova
L.N. Shikhova
E.M. Lisitsyn

Creation of scheme of separation chemical forms of cadmium in surface water

N.N. Roeva
O.A. Orlovskaya
S.S. Voronich
D.А. Zaytsev

Section 6: Ecotoxicology
New Streptomyces strains as promising biofungicides

I.G. Shirokikh
Ya.I. Nazarova
A.V. Bakulina
R.I. Abubakirova

Assessment of the bioavailability of chelated zinc in various soil types

A.V. Sazanov
E.V. Tovstik
V.A. Kozvonin
А.А. Каzakova

26Mouse-modeled change in the toxicity of manganese(II) ions when using activated carbons

O.M. Plotnikova
A.V. Sharov

27Optimization of the conditions of microbial cells immobilization for the creation of hydrocarbons-degrading biopreparations

A.A. Samkov
N.N. Volchenko
А.A. Khudokormov
S.M. Samkova
E.V. Karaseva

Section 7: Ecologization of production
Improving the efficiency of aerobic biological treatment of oily wastewater

I.Yu. Shlekova
A.I. Knysh

Section 8: Population ecology
Features of the distribution of epiphytic lichens in the urban conditions

G.V. Kondakova
D.A. Stupin

30Comparative evaluation of biochemical composition of microalgae biomass Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus оbliquus

V.А. Lukyanov
S.Yu. Gorbunova
I.V. Gribovskaya

Dynamics of disgenic sterility of the offspring from the Drosophila populations chronically exposed to low doses irradiation

I.N. Yuraneva
V.G. Zainullin

Section 9: Social ecology
32Correction of adaptive reactions of the cardiovascular system using the ecdysteroid-containing remedy Adasten during intensive physical work in the North

V.V. Volodin
V.I. Vetosheva
S.O. Volodina

Section 10: Information
Notes of photo-hunter

P. 235–236
A.A. Shirokikh


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