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Issue 1 in 2024

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
Application of Trichoderma micromycetes and trichoderma-based consortia in agrobiotechnology (review)

L.I. Domracheva
P.A. Starikov
A.L. Kovina
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

2Sources, toxicity and bioaccumulation of rare earths in the environment: review

A.S. Olkova
M.A. Sysolyatina

Section 2: Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
3Ultrastructure of forest-forming conifers ectomycorrhyzas in the middle taiga subzone

S.N. Plyusnina
4Basidial fungal polysaccharides increase the quality of bovine reproductive cells when frozen

T.V. Polezhaeva
O.N. Solomina
A.N. Khudyakov
А.А. Shirokikh
D.V. Popyvanov
M.I. Sergushkina
O.O. Zaitseva
I.G. Shirokikh

Section 3: Monitoring natural and anthropogenically disturbed areas
5Zoobentos of the Zimnyaya Zolotitsa River at the Lomonosov diamond deposit

M.A. Studenova
I.I. Studenov
A.G. Zavisha
A.T. Lapikova

6Comprehensive assessment of the ecological state of the transboundary Narva River

T.V. Kuznetsova
A.B. Manvelova
Y.M. Polyak

7Assessment of the soil and vegetation cover condition of the river basin based on remote sensing data

P.S. Shutov
T.A. Trifonova
N.V. Mishchenko

Soil monitoring in the area of hazardous industrial waste disposal facilities

E.V. Dabakh
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
G.Ya. Kantor
A.S. Timonov
Е.А. Domnina

9Fire frequency index of linden forests in the Jewish Autonomous Region

A.M. Zubareva
T. A. Rubtsova
V.A. Zubarev

Section 4: Chemistry of natural environments and objects
10Application of a complex of biologically active substances of Аronia melanocarpa in parapharmaceutical phytofilms

V.A. Kozvonin
E.V. Tovstik
V.K. Tupitsyn
S.A. Votintseva

Section 5: Ecologization of production
11Photodegradation of polylactide with phenol and aniline terpene derivatives additives

V.A. Belyy
I.M. Kuzivanov
I.V. Fedorova
O.A. Shumova
E.M. Tropnikov
E.I. Istomina
I.Yu. Chukicheva
A.V. Kuchin

Section 6: Agroecology
12Effect of microbiological preparations and nitrogen application on the processes associated with sequestration of organic carbon in typical slightly eroded chernozem soil

N.P. Masyutenko
A.V. Kuznetsov
M.N. Masyutenko
N.A. Chuyan
G.M. Breskina

Section 7: Remediation and recultivation
13Primary pedogenesis on different texture substrates in post-technogenic ecosystems of the taiga zone

I.A. Likhanova
E.G. Kuznetsova
Yu.V. Kholopov
S.V. Deneva
E.M. Lapteva

The ground sulphur effect on algocyanoflora of alkali-saline soil

L.V. Kondakova
N.V. Syrchina
I.A. Kondakova

Section 8: Ecotoxicology
15The role of the oxidation processes in toxigenization of the nature water after the public utility accident

L.N. Shishkina
A.Yu. Povkh
V.O. Shvydkiy

16Toxic effect of ciprofloxacin on the photosynthesis reactions in microalga Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turp.) Bréb.

D.N. Matorin
N.P. Timofeev
A.D. Batakov
D.A. Todorenko
T.K. Antal

17The assessment of potential risks of chloride salts and their effect on seed germination and plant development

L.P. Voronina
V.L. Flerchuk
K.E. Ponogaybo
A.V. Sbitnev
M. Abdelkader

Section 9: Population ecology
18Zoning factors and their influence on the lakes’ zooplankton in the Middle Volga Region (Russia)

O.Yu. Derevenskaya
N.M. Mingazova
E.N. Unkovskaya

19Stress effect of crude biocide of actinobacteria Streptomyces geldanamycininus Z374 on cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa

T.B. Zaytseva
A.D. Russu
N.G. Medvedeva

20Cyanobacteria and Algae in the Karlamanskaya Cave (Bashkortostan Republic, Russia)

M. Yu. Sharipova
I.Е. Dubovik

21Phenology of the spawning migration start dates of anuran amphibians (Anura, Amphibia) in the river valleys of Saratov Right Bank region

M.V. Yermokhin
V.G. Tabachishin

Section 10: Ecology and climate change
22Self-purification of atmospheric air from dust particles in a coastal marine climate

L.V. Veremchuk
T.I. Vitkina
L.S Barskova

23The effect of nitrapyrin on microbiota and emissions of greenhouse gas from livestock by-products

N.V. Syrchina
L.V. Pilip
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Section 11: Social ecology
24Obtaining and application iodinated bactericide for water disinfection in local treatment systems

N.V. Vedeneeva
E.I. Tikhomirova
A.V. Koshelev
V. F. Golovkov

Section 12: Chronicle
Ecological Congress ELPIT-2023 – at the academic level

P. 228–229
A.V. Vasilyev
XI International scientific and practical conference “Ecology of river basins”

P. 229–231
T.A. Trifonova
Forming of environmental culture of students in class and extracurricular activities

P. 232–234
N.V. Sokolova
N.V. Nosova
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
Museum of Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy, aviation and astronautics – a unique cultural, educational, space and environmental platform in Kirov

P. 234–236
T.I. Zubareva
V.P. Savinykh


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