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Issue 4 in 2013

Section 1: Russia’s implementation of the сonvention on рrohibition of сhemical weapons
Results of the federal target program «Destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in the Russian Federation» on the eve of 2014

P. 6–9
V.I. Kholstov
Providing industrial and ecological safety of chemical weapons decommission plants

V.P. Kapashin
A.I. Polyakov
V.A. Kruglov

Chemical weapons decommission in Kirov region

G.N. Machekhin
Section 2: Methods and technologies during the destruction of chemical weapons
Methodological framework for environmental and industrial safety in chemical weapons decommission plants

A.I. Polyakov
V.D. Nazarov

Scientific and technical aspects of optimization of the process of chemical munitions and rocket artillery cannon delivery to chemical weapons decommission plants

V.B. Antipov
A.Kh. Khasanov

Methodological aspects of justification of approximately safe levels of buildings pollution with toxic substances after decontamination

B.N. Filatov
N.G. Britanov
V.G. Kiryukhin
V.V. Klauchek
A.A. Maslennikov
L.P. Tochilkina

Biopreparation for soil remediation within the safety area at the chemical weapons decommission plant «Maradikovsky»

K.K. Styazhkin
S.V. Petrov
A.S. Tumanov
N.V. Zavyalova
K.A. Vorobyev
V.V. Teterin
I.P. Pogorel`skiy
A.A. Leshchenko
A.G. Lazykin
V.S. Menuchova

Section 3: Analytical support of chemical weapons destruction
Justification of the choice of compounds formed in the process of detoxification of soman for use as target chemicals, confirming the type of toxic substances being destroyed

A.Yu. Karmishin
D.A. Zygin
Yu.A. Egorov
M.A. Golishev
A.Yu. Isayev

On mobility of sodium arsenite in some soil samples at modeling the effects of precipitation such as rain

V.G. Petrov
M.A. Shumilova
O.S. Nabokova
N.D. Smolina

Ecotoxicological assessment of sarin contamination risk of waste after processing in furnaces at chemical weapons decommission facilities

B.N. Filatov
A.A. Maslennikov
N.G. Britanov
S.A. Demidova
E.V. Deriagina

Section 4: Ensuring environmental safety
Regulatory aspects in the sphere of environmental and industrial safety of chemical weapons decommission

S.V. Serbin
A.I. Polyakov

Potentiation synergism of xenobiotics as a negative factor in the sistem of providing ecological safety

E.T. Gainullina
D.K. Gulikova
S.V. Kerko
V.N. Fateyenkov 

Section 5: Chemical weapons decommission plants monitoring
Multilevel system of industrial environmental control and monitoring of chemical weapons stockpiles decommission in the Russian Federation

V.I. Kholstov
A.P. Treghub
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Dynamics of actinomycete complexes in forest phytocenoses soils near the chemical weapons decommission plant "Maradykovsky"

E.V. Tovstik
S.Yu. Ogorodnikova
E.A. Domnina
I.G. Shirokikh

Bioindication as a method of biological monitoring in the vicinity of the chemical weapons decommission plant in Shchuch`ye

O.M. Plotnikova
M.A. Grigorovich
S.Yu. Maksimovskikh
B.I. Kudrin
A.N. Evdokimov

Section 6: Issues of ecological security and medical provision of the personnel of objects
System of hygienic measures on disease prevention of the personnel dealing with chemical weapons decommission

O.A. Vasilenko
S.P. Los

Hygienic aspects of safety of hazardous waste sites after liquidation of chemical weapons decommission plants

B.N. Filatov
N.G. Britanov
V.V. Klauchek
N.V. Krylova
L.A. Dobroshenko

Section 7: Chronicle
IV all-Russian Congress on environmental protection

P. 110–112
T.Ya. Ashikhmina


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