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Issue 3 in 2010

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
Establishment of functional peculiarities of Cyanobacteria all the way of their evolution with biosphere

E.M. Pankratova
Section 2: Methodology and methods of research. Models and forecasts
The model of ecological safety evaluation, prognosis and taking decisions on the basis of oriented graphs

I.M. Yannikov
Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenically damager territories
Research of the state of the natural complex within the zone of influence of Kirovo-Chepetsk chemical plant

T.Ya. Ashikhmina
E.V. Dabakh
G.Ya. Kantor
A.P. Lemeshko
S.G. Skugoreva
S.A. Adamovich 

Biogeochemical migration of pollutants in an urban ecosystem

T.A. Mikhailova
O.V. Shergina

Section 4: Chemistry of natural environment and objects
Arsenic in natural ecosystems and its essentiality

S.N. Kurskov
O.Yu. Stegayev

Section 5: Ecotoxicology
Adaptation of soil cyanobacteria and algae to the impact of lead in laboratory conditions

A.D. Temraleyeva
D.L. Pinskii 

Complex state evaluation of the cyanobacteria Nostocpaludosum Kiitz. under the influence of different pollutants

S.Yu. Ogorodnikova
Yu.N. Zikova
G.I. Berezin
L.I. Domracheva
А.А. Kalinin 

Section 6: Agricultural ecology
Microbiota transformation under the influence of agriculture in tundra zone

F.M. Khabibullina
A.N. Panyukov

Section 7: Ecologisation of industry
Creating an absorbent and filters on its ground for absorbing radionuclides of cesium-137 from drinking water

V.F. Olontsev
E.A. Sazonova
E.A. Farberova
V.V. Olontsev

Recycling in the technology of processing hydrolytic sodium arsenate

A.G. Demakhin
V.N. Chupis
O.Yu. Rastegayev
N.N. Kuznetsov
 A.V. Koshelev

Section 8: Social ecology
Evolution of ideas of soil remediation. II. Antique world. Non-European and Rome civilization

I.V. Konishev
A.G. Nazarov

International law principles of sustainable management of forests, ecological aspect

A.I. Karpilovich
E.M. Gordeyeva

Section 9: Ecology of Populations
Temperature adaptation of mycelium bacteria of tundra and taiga soils

G.M. Zenova
N.A. Manucharova
M.S. Dubrova

Changeability of the number of cotyledons of Pinus silvestris L. seeds in production and experimental parties in North-East of the Russian Plain

A.I. Vidyakin
Section 10: Chronicle
ХVI International conference «Ecological education for sustainable development»

P. 96–98
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
Section 11: Bibliography
Three lives of the outstanding microbiologist: documentary novel about Sergey Nikolayevich Vinogradskii

P. 99–100
L.I. Domracheva

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