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Issue 4 in 2010

Section 1: Theoretical Problems of Ecology
Theory and practical use of perfluorocarbons "Blue blood" for deep cultivation of biodestructors

M.K. Bakulin
S.V. Darmova
V.M. Bakulin

Development and interconnection of Bioeclolgy and Geoeclogy

S.A. Sladkovtsev
Section 2: Methodology and methods of research. Models and forecasts
Diagnostics Technologies of geo-ecological state of natural-technogenic gas-transport systems

A.V. Sadov
S.G. Pavlov
O.B. Napolov

Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenically damager territories
Geoecological evaluation of the impact of constructing a chemical weapon decommission plant on the natural complex in its vicinity

E.A. Novikova
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Changes of soil and vegetation state in the process of self-remedial succession in middle taiga sub-zone

I.B. Archegova
E.G. Kuztetsova
F.M. Habibullina
A.N. Panyukov 

Some aspects of fluoropolymers and fertilizers industry waste impact on the quality of water in the Vyatka river in the sanitary zone of Kirov water intake

T.A. Musihkina
A.D. Klindukhova

Section 4: Chemistry of natural environment and objects
Background amount of heavy metals, arsenic and hydrocarbons in the Bolshezamelskaya tundra

A.A. Dimov
E.M. Lapteva
A.V. Kalashnikov
S.V. Deneva

Section 5: Ecotoxicology
Ecologo-toxicological evaluation of the danger of polluting wasters buildings of blister agents chemical weapon decommission plants with arsenic

A.A. Maslennikov
N.G. Britanov
S.A. Filatov
S.A. Demidova

Section 6: Agricultural ecology
Reaction of the callus culture and regenerative plants of barley on bacterization with Methylobacterium mesophylicum

I.G. Shirokikh
O.N. Shupletsova
S.Yu. Ogorodnikova
A.A. Shirokikh

To the problem of a control over transgenic plants spreading and usage

A.V. Bakulina
S.V. Darmova
V.M. Bakulin

Influence of physiologically active compounds on productivity of uneven crop of eastern kozlyatnik in conditions of the central part of Russia

V.I. Filatov
V.N. Melnikov
T.F. Luginina
N.V. Slabzhninova

Section 7: Ecology of Populations
Mosses of natural middle taiga vegetation communities of the southern part of the Komi Republic

G.V. Zheleznova
T.P. Shubina

Changeability of indexes of Pinus sylvestris L. in the populations of the Sisolo-Vichegodskaya plain

A.I. Vidyakin
S.A. Sannikov
I.V. Petrova

On the role of adult mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae) in the diet of bats (Chiroptera Vespertilionidae) of Kirov region

A.N. Lyapunov
E.V. Panyukova

Section 8: Chronicle
International scientific-practical conference dedicated to 100th anniversary of Pr. Emilia Andrianovna Shtina Algae and Cyanobacteria in Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems

P. 94–96
L.I. Domracheva
Bringning to safe state the radiation hazardous facilities of the Kirov-Chepetsk branch of the subsidiary «Privilzhskii territorial district «FSDP «RosRAO»

P. 97–98
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
Anatoliy Ivanovich Taskaev

P. 99–100
T.Ya. Ashikhmina


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