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Issue 1 in 2017

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
Soil-like formation in technogenic landscapes: history of study, terminology, modern aspects (review)

V.S. Artamonova
S.B. Bortnikova

The effect of fluorinated compounds on living organisms (review)

E.A. Gornostaeva
S.L. Fuks

Section 2: Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
Comparative assessment of extraction equipment for efficient isolation of extractives of coniferous wood greenery

T.V. Hurskainen
N.N. Skripova
A.V. Kutchin

Improving tetrazol-topographic method of biotesting using cyanobacteria

A.I. Fokina
L.I. Domracheva
Yu.N. Zykova
S.G. Skugoreva
E.I. Lyalina
L.V. Trefilova

Experience of detailed mapping of floodplain meadow vegetation

E.A. Domnina
A.S. Timonov
G.Ya. Kantor
A.P. Kislitsyna
V.P. Savinykh

Hydrological aspects of discharge of waste waters in the coastal zone of the seas in the west sector of the Russian Arctic

I.V. Miskevich
Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas
Diagnostics of local pollution of urbanozem in the areas of petrol stations

A.S. Olkova
N.M. Zimonina
E.I. Lyalina
V.R. Bobretsova

Phototrophic microorganisms of urban parks

L.V. Kondakova
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
O.S. Pirogova

Section 4: Agroecology
Environmental evaluation of the effect of non-traditional fertilizers on the properties of dark gray forest soils

M.A. Dogadina
Section 5: Population ecology
Biodiversity of gall-forming arthropods in the urban environment of the city of Syktyvkar

E.V. Yurkina
S.V. Pestov

Effect of cyanobacteria Fischerella muscicola and streptomycetes on plants in the model experiment

Е.V. Тоvstik
I.G. Shirokikh
L.I. Domracheva

Section 6: Ecotoxicology
Ecological effects of different water purification on the organism of Wistar rats

Kh.B. Yunusov
Section 7: Social ecology
Recreation capacity as an indicator of environmental and tourist potential of protected lakes of the Republic of Tatarstan

I.I. Ziganshin
D.V. Ivanov


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