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Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
The conception of ‘‘controlled evolution’’ as an alternative to the conception of ‘‘sustainable development’’

А.V. Yablokov
V.F. Levchenko
A.S. Kerzhentsev

Use of various combinations of spectral channels of satellite images from the Landsat 8 satellite for an assessment of natural environments and objects (review)

T.A. Adamovich
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
G.Ya. Kantor

Section 2: Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
Estimation of the continental sedimentation rate in the Belgorod soil-sediment sequence

А.S. Kerzhentsev
V.Е. Ostroumov

Contamination and purifying of water streams and landscapes due to erosion

N.V. Kolomiytsev
B.I. Korzhenevskiy

Design of soil aggregates: the principles of creation and their environmental sustainability

B.K. Son
K.Yu. Khan

Integral parameter of critical loads as a basis for environmental regulation of landscapes contamination with heavy metals

S.A. Tobratov
Soil evolution in relation to modern climate warming

O.I. Khudyakov
O.V. Reshotkin

Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas
The response of holistic ecosystem to climate warming

N.N. Zelenskaya
Analysis of pollution with oil products and organochlorines of soils in the vicinity of Russian Antarctic stations

A.V. Lupachev
N.Ph. Deeva
D.Y. Aladin
S.M. Sevostyanov
D.V. Demin

Monitoring of heavy metals in the ecosystem of a small river of the Oka Basin

U.А. Маzhaysky
T.M. Guseva

Variability of antibiotic resistance of total coliform bacteria isolated from the river that is a receiver of treated wastewater

E.A. Zatsarinnaya
A.P. Kruglova
E.S. Efremova
V.D. Kalchugina
A.S. Trunyakova

The impact of microrelief on the distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls in soils

D.Yu. Aladin
N.Ph. Deeva
S.M. Sevostyanov
D.V. Demin

The functional significance of petrographic and mineralogical composition of alluvial soil in distribution and migration of radionuclides in river basins

N.Р. Chizhikova
E.M. Korobova
V.G. Linnik
E.S. Chechetko

Section 4: Agroecology
Effect of С:N ratio and external and internal nitrogen on mineralization rate of corn residues

A.K. Kvitkina
A.A. Larionova
D.M. Dudareva
S.S. Byhovets

Ecologic and genetic analysis of morphometric features of seeds of Cucurbita pepo var. giramontia Duch.

V.F. Khlebnikov
N.V. Smurova

Section 5: Ecologization of production
Alternative power engineering: new resources vegetation materials

G.A. Bulatkin
G.V. Mitenko
I.D. Guriev

Section 6: Ecotoxicology
Evaluation of the toxicity of plant growth regulator on soil invertebrates Eisenia fetida and aquatic Daphnia magna

O.V. Zaytseva
S.M. Sevostyanov
D.V. Demin

Biosorption of Pb(II), Zn(II) and Cu(II) from aqueous solutions by Trametes versicolor mycelium

A.A. Shirokikh
D.V. Popivanov
I.G. Shirokikh

Effect of zeolite and sodium hydrogenphosphate on the bioaccumulation of zinc and cobalt(II) by barley plants

S.G. Skugoreva
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
A.K. Esaulova
A.I. Fokina

Section 7: Social ecology
On the possibility of using artificial ecosystems for maintenance of human life

Y.L. Tkachenko
Section 8: Chronicle
On the 80th anniversary of Anatoly Semenovich Kerzhentsev

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In memory of Alexei Yablokov

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