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Issue 1 in 2007

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
Symbiosis as Basis for Existence of Cyanobacteria in Nature and In Vitro

P. 4–14
E.M. Pankratova
L.V. Trefilova
Biofilms Nostoc commune as Special Microbiota Sphere

P. 15–19
L.I. Domracheva
L.V. Kondakova
O.A. Pegushina
A.I. Fokina
Ecology and Ecological Interactions

P. 20–29
T.V. Borzova
Yu.V. Oleynikov
Section 2: Ecological risk and ecological safety
Comparative Potential Danger of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Enterprises

V.M. Kuznetsov
E.E. Kuznetsova

Section 3: Methodology and methods of research. Models and forecasts
Efficiency Estimations of the Regional Nature Management in the «Population - Territory - Resources - Economy» System

P. 37–45
B.I. Kochurov
A. Ya. Smirnov
V.A. Lobkovskiy
Environmental Influence Estimations at the Zelenchuk Hydroelectric Power Plant Reservoir Designing

P. 46–55
V.L. Bondarenko
V.V. Gutenev
V. V. Privalenko
T.S. Polyakov
Section 4: Monitoring of the contaminated territories
Organization of the Republic of Komi Oil Fields Ecological Monitoring

V.G. Ilnitskiy
A.E. Selukov
V.V. Zakharov
N.V. Syrchina

Section 5: Bioindication and biotesting of xenobiotics
Oil-Polluted Soils Complex Biotesting

N.A. Kireeva
T.R. Kabirov
I.E. Dubovik

Test Organisms Sodium Arsenit Sensitivity in the Environment Quality Multicomponent Biotesting System

V.N. Chupis
E.A. Luschay
I.N. Larin
A.A. Zagrekov
E.V. Il’ina
D.E. Ivanov

Section 6: Ecologizaton of industry
Highly Effective Technology of the Vegetative Raw Material Complex Processing and the Manufacturing of Preparations for Agricultur

T.V. Khurshkaynen
N.N. Skripova
A.V. Kuchin

Section 7: Ecotoxcology
Plants Reaction to the Methylphosphonic Acid Influence

S.Y. Ogorodnikova
N.K. Golovko
T.Y. Ashikhmina

Plants Adaptive Reactions to the Aluminium Acidity and Toxicity Factors

I.G. Shirokikh
Section 8: Ecological education
The Moscow Michailo Lomonosov State University «Chemistry for Sustainable Development - Green Chemistry» Educational-Researching Center

P. 90–93
V. V. Lunin
E.S. Lokteva
Section 9: News
«Atomic Energy, Society and Security» -Public Forum Dialogue

P. 94–96
T.Y. Ashikhmina
The Fifth All-Russian Medical Mycology Congres

P. 97–98
A.A. Shirokikh

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