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Issue 3 in 2018

Section 1: Тheoretical problems of ecology (review)
1Assessment of titanium dioxide nanoparticle effects on living organisms

V.I. Polonskiy
A.A. Asanova

Section 2: Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
2Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the use of sorbents of different nature with respect to copper(II) ions

S.G. Skugoreva
G.Ya. Kantor
L.I. Domracheva
T.I. Kutyavina

3Modern trends in the development of bioassay methodology of aquatic environments

A.S. Olkova
4Reducing the environmental threat of motor vehiclesby converting engines for operating on natural gas

V. Romanyuk
V.A. Likhanov
O.P. Lopatin

Section 3: Monitoring of anthropo-genically disturbed areas
5Military activity influence on some metals content in the Saur-Mogila soil, Donbas

A.S. Alemasova
Y.I. Penkova
A.S. Pivovarova
R.V. Ostapenko

6Comparative analysis of artesian water quality

T.N. Ashurbekova
N.G. Isaeva
A.N. Murzaeva
E.M. Musinova
Z.G. Gadzhimusaeva
R.А. Abduragimov

7Development of plankton communities in the anthropogenic hydrothermal conditions

N.A. Tashlykova
E.Yu. Afonina

8Migration of pollutants and contamination of groundwater when mining iron ore

Yu.A. Babushkina
N.N. Nazarenko

Section 4: Population ecology
9Anthropogenic adaptation of reproductive biology of conditional-synanthropic birds

L. Kuchar
Е.S. Ivanov
А.V. Baranovskiy
D.V. Vinogradov
Ja. Leśny
А.V. Schur

10Ecology and structure of Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. (Orchidaceae) coenopopulations in the Northern Urals

I.A. Kirillova
S.V. Degteva
Y.A. Dubrovskiy
A.B. Novakovskiy

11Specific character of soil “blooming” in agricultural and urbanized territories

L.V. Kondakova
L.I. Domracheva
I.A. Kondakova

Section 5: Agroecology
12Biodegradation of vegetable waste and obtaining fruit bodies in cultivation of Hericium erinaceus

A.А. Shirokikh
Yu.A. Zlobina
I.G. Shirokikh

Section 6: Ecologization of industry
13Method for processing lignin-containing wastes from the paper industry to produce sorbents for wastewater treatmen

Y.I. Vaysman
I.S. Glushankova
E.S. Shirinkina
S.F. Davletova

14Modified sorbents based on soda production sludge for extracting ions of heavy metals from aqueous solutions waste water

I.S. Glushankova
E.V. Kalinina
E.N. Demina

15Production of environmentally safe building materials on the basis of the waste foundry sand

Ya.I. Vaisman
K.G. Pugin
L.V. Rudakova
I.S. Glushankova
K.Y. Tyuryukhanov

Section 7: Social ecology
16Population and biological preconditions for the cattle retroviruses` expansion

D. Abdessemed
E.S. Krasnikova
V.A. Agoltsov
A.V. Krasnikov

Section 8: Reviews
Review of the monograph by A. A. Shirokikh “Miksomitsety reserve “Nurgush””

P. 125–126
L.I. Domracheva


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