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Issue 2 in 2011

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
Ecological role of information in soil

L.O. Karpatchevskiy
T.A. Zubkova

Вiological problems of the first colonizers of the Earth

E.A. Zhegallo
V.K. Orleansky
K.R. Napolskaya
A.I. Kurapova

Section 2: Methodology and methods of research. Models and forecasts
Role and meaning of natural resourses at working out ecologically balanced development of the region

A.V. Sadov
O.B. Napolov

Updating the method of haemoscanning and prospect of its application at studyng bacteria adhesion mechanisms on erythrocytes

V.A. Oborin
E.V. Pimenov
A.G. Ivonin

Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenicalli damaged territories
Testing of soils in urban areas with the help of bioassay method

E.S. Troyanovskaya
O.V. Abrosimova
E.I. Tikhomirova

Section 4: Chemistry of natural environments and objects
Bioaccumulation and physical reactions of plants on industrial pollution of the environment with mercury

I.G. Zakhozhiy
I.V. Dalke
A.N. Nizovtsev
T.K. Golovko

The estimation of carbon dioxide fluxes in vegetative communities of mezo-oligotrofic peatland in middle taiga

O.A. Mikhaylov
S.V. Zagirova
M.N. Miglovec
J. Schneider
M. Gažovič
L. Kutzbach

Section 5: Ecotoxicology
The ecological-genetic analysis of negative influence of composite hydrocarbons in modeling experiments

J.G. Shutova
Section 6: Ecological risk and ecological safety
Climate change and its role in reliability of engineering objects in permofrostzone

M.M. Schatz
Section 7: Agricultural ecology
Algoflora specifics in barley rhizosphere and in weeds

L.V. Kondakova
Section 8: Ecology of populations
Actinomycete regulation of symbiotic relationship of rhizobium with red clover

I.G. Shirokikh
O.V. Ryabova
А.A. Shirokikh

Complex of soil nematodes in floodplain forest valleys of the Pechora River

A.A. Kudrin
E.M. Lapteva
M.M. Dolgin

Estimation of vitalityof populations of especially protected species Helicopsis striata Müller (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pulmonata) in conditions of the south of Mid-Russia Upland

Е.А. Snegin
A.A. Sichov

Section 9: Social ecology
Ecotoxicants and human autoimmune diseases

V.Yu. Okhapkina
Section 10: Chronicle
Scientific-practical conference «Young scientists in solving scientific problems»

P. 102–103
A.I. Fokina
Yu.N. Zikova
Section 11: Bibliography
Induced mutagenesis and its application in plant breeding

P. 103–104
L.I. Domracheva


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