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Issue 1 in 2010

Section 1: Theoretical Problems of Ecology
Chemical Weapons Decomission – the 3d Stage

V.I. Kholstov
Fulfillment of the 3d stage of works according to the Convention of Chemical Weapons Prohibition in the Russian Federation

V.P. Kapashin
E.P. Aphanasyenko
A.V. Nazarov

Section 2: Methodology and methods of research. Models and forecasts
The System of Ecological Monitoring of Chemical Weapons Decommission Plants. Experience of Exploitation and the Main Directions of Development

V.N. Chupis
СComparative analysis of Features and Contents of Reactional Mass got at Destructing Lewisite by means of the Experimental and Balance Methods

O.Yu. Rastyegayev
A.O. Melishevskiy
T.P. Tolokonnikova
V.I. Maryin
V.N. Chupis

Utilization of Variability of Nitrogen Circulation in Coniferous Plants in the Process of Bioindication

A.I. Ivanov
A.P. Statsenko

On the Experience of Utilizing Gis-technologies for Solving the Tasks of Complex Investigation of the Area of Chemical Weapons Storage and Decommission

М.V. Telegina
Projecting the System of Ecological Monitoring of Specially Dangerous Objects of Industry

M.G. Kurguzkin
M.A. Korepanov
V.A. Tenenev

Section 3: Monitoring of chemical weapons decommission plants
Environmental Ecological Control and Monitoring in the Vicinity of the Chemical Weapons Decommission Plant «Maradikovsky» in Kirov Region

T.Ya. Ashikhmina
S.A. Menyalin
Yu.I. Mamayeva
E.A. Novikova
G.Ya. Kantor

Evaluating Surface Water State within the Safety Zone of the Chemical Weapons Decommission Plant in the Town Kambarka according to the Results of Many-Years State Ecological Control and Monitoring

G.G. Frizorger
V.G. Isakov
A.A. Abramova

Complex Monitoring of Environmnetal State in the Zone of Chemical Weapons Storage and Decommission Plants in the Town Potchep in Bryansk Region

N.V. Akimenkov
S.A. Bachegov
G.V. Brilyova
V.P. Ivanov
I.Yu. Adamovich
I.N. Glazun
S.I. Marchenko

Evaluating Soils Sustainability and the Project of their State within the area of Chemical Weapons Decommission

A.S. Olkova
E.V. Dabakh

Section 4: Ecotoxicology
Gene-toxicity Level Evaluation at Ecological Monitoring

V.N. Chupis
N.V. Emelyanova
E.A. Tanaylova
N.V. Polukhina
T.A. Shingaryenko
O.M. Plotnikova

Biochemical indices of laboratory mice Determined by the Time of Intoxication with Methylphosphate

O.M. Plotnikova
N.N. Matveyev
A.M. Korepin
I.V. Duplyakina

Section 5: Ecological risk and ecological safety
Perspective Approaches to Reorganizing Chemical Weapon Decommission Objects. Reagent Technologies of Extracting Arsenic from Arsenic-containing Reaction Masses and Wastes

V.N. Chupis
O.Yu. Rastegayev
А.О. Malishevskiy

Section 6: Ecological education
Dynamics of Demand Information on Chemical Weapons

E.A. Novikova
A.V. Loseva
P.A. Philyov
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Section 7: Chronicle
III All-Russia Conference with Iiternational Participants «Chemical Disarmament-2009: Results and Aspects of Technological Solving of Ecoanalytical Control and Medicinal Monitoring «CHEMDET-2009»

P. 100–101
T.Ya. Ashikhmina


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