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Issue 3 in 2009

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
Fungi in Above-ground Ecosystems Biomonitoring

А.А. Shirokikh
А.V. Kolupayev

Section 2: Methodology and methods of research. Models and forecasts
Estimation Methods of Natural Resources Potential in Conditions of Contemporary Development of Region

A.V. Sadov
O.B. Napolov

Some «Local» Organizational Problems of «Global Indicator Networks»

V.A. Terekhova
Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenically damager territories
Pollutants as Algae-coenoses Successions Starters (model experiments)

L.I. Domratcheva
Yu.N. Zikova
L.V. Kondakova

Axiological approach as a Basis of Informational Accompanying of Ecological Monitoring near Chemical Weapon Storage and Destruction Objects

E.А. Novikova
Т.Ya. Ashikhmina

Radio-ecological Monitoring of Water Ecosystems within the Balakovskaya APP

S.V. Ryazanov
Е.N. Pisarenko
P.Е. Antonov
А.Yu. Khubetsov

Section 4: Chemistry of natural environment and objects
Contamination of soils in residential areas of Moscow and its relation with natural and anthropogenic factors

A.M. Jusephovich
N.E. Kosheleva

Section 5: Ecotoxicology
Influence of copper and lead salts solutions of little and super-little concentrations on daphnia (Daphnia magna) survival probability is considered

S.М. Zaharov
D.Е. Ivanov
N.V. Emelyanova
I.N. Larin
V.N. Chupis
Т.I. Gubina

Section 6: Ecological risk and ecological safety
Nuclear Energy Plants: Understanding the Reality

М.N. Tikhonov
М.I. Rilov

Urban Development Problems in Permafrost Areas (With Reference to Yakutsk)

M.M. Shats
Section 7: Ecological expertise
The Collection of Rare and Endangered Plant Species in the Botanic Garden of the Vyatka State University of Humanities

E.N. Zimireva
E.M. Tarasova
О.N. Vostrikova

Section 8: Agricultural ecology
Efficiency of Using Cyanorhizobium Consortium in Growing Peas

L.V. Trephilova
М.Н. Patrusheva

Section 9: Ecology and military-industrial complex
Secondary Radiation Contamination of the Territory of the Settlement Novoje Muslimovo

V.М. Kuznetsov
М.S. Khvostova
S.P. Kolotukhin

Section 10: Ecology of populations
Model Associations of Actinomycetes and Cyanobacteria Anabaena variabilis Kutz and their Ability to Transform Clay Minerals Structures

G.М. Zenova
Е.А. Ivanova
Е.О. Omarova
G.М. Nickolayev
Е.S. Lobakova
N.P. Chizhikova

Relative Abundance of Algae- and Mycoflora in Meadow Phytocenoses Soils

L.V. Kondakova
L.I. Domracheva

Section 11: Ecological portrait of enterprise
Ecological Aspects of Developing and Agricultural Utilization of Peat Soils and Worked-out Peatbogs

A.N. Ulanov
E.L. Zhuravleva

Section 12: Chronicle
Social Forum-Dialogue «Nuclear Energy, Society, Safety»

Т.Ya. Ashikhmina
Section 13: Bibliography
A New Volume of Vyatka Land Encyclopedia

I.A. Zhuikova

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