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Issue 4 in 2008

Section 1: Theoretical problems of ecology
On the State of Chemical Weapon Destruction in the Russian Federation in 2008

V.I. Kholstov
Ecological Safety of Chemical Weapon Destruction as a Basis of Population and Environment Protection State Policy

V.P. Kapashin
United System of Collecting, Processing and Analyzing Information in the Interests of State and Industrial Ecological Monitoring of Chemical Weapon Storage, Transporting and Destruction

V.N. Chupis
V.V. Martinov
V.I. Bistrenina
V.V. Shlyapin
T.V. Bardina

Section 2: Monitoring of chemical wearon destruction objects
Our Centers Guarantee Safety and Security

N.G. Kutyin
V.N. Chupis
S.V. Miller

«Modular» Method of Analytic Laboratories System Organization of the State Ecological Control and Monitoring of Chemical Weapon Storage and Destruction Objects

O.Yu. Rastegayev
V.N. Chupis

Biological Monitoring System of Natural Environment Components in the Chemical Weapon Storage and Destruction Object «Maradikovsky» in the Kirov region

T.Ya. Ashikhmina
L.I. Domracheva
E.A. Domnina
G.Ya. Kantor
T.I. Kotchurova
L.V. Kondakova
S.Yu. Ogorodnikova
A.S. Olkova
I.V. Panfilova

Landscape&biogeocenotic Ground of State Ecologic Monitoring System Organization at Pochep Object

N.V. Akimenkov
I.N. Glazun
V.P. Ivanov
S.I. Marchenko
D.I. Nartov

Evaluation of the ecotoxicity of specific pollutants by changing the biochemical parameters of living organisms

O.M. Plotnikova
A.M. Korepin
I.V. Duplyakina
N.N. Matveyev

Zoobenthos in Monitoring System of Surface Water Objects within the Safety Measures Zone in the CWDO «Maradykovsky»

T.I. Kochurova
Variability of Plant Isoperoxidases in the Places Where Chemical Weapon Had Been Desructed in the Past

A.P. Statsenko
A.I. Ivanov
A.A. Vjugovsky

Тilia cordata L. as a Perspective Bioindicator of Arsenous Soil Contamination

N.V. Kozlovskaya
I.M. Yannikov
E.S. Shichayeva
M.S. Emelyanov
E.V. Shchenina

State Ecological Control and Monitoring of the Functioning Object «Maradykkovsky» in Kirov Region

S.A. Menyalin
Phosphorus within Natural Zones of CWSO Safery Measures in the vicinity of Leonidovka station in Penza Region

A.I. Ivanov
P.A. Ivanov
N.S. Ozerova

Investigation of Physical&chemical properties of arsenic&containing wastes for the purposes of ecological regulation of destructing lewisite and its double and triple mixtures

O.Yu. Rastegayev
V.N. Chupis
T.I Tolokonnikova
A.O. Malishevsky
V.I. Maryin

Application of Biotesting Methods on Human Beings and Animals Cell Cultures in Ecological Investigations

V.N. Chupis
L.L. Zhuravleva
D.E. Ivanov

Section 3: Methodology and methods of research. Models and forecasts
Methodology and Main Tendencies of Ecoanalytic Ensuring State Ecological Control and Monitoring System at Chemical Weapon Storage and Destruction Objects

O.Yu. Rastegayev
V.N. Chupis

Some System Problems Biological Monitoring in the vicinity of Chemical Weapon Neuralization Objects in the Saratov Region

G.V. Shlyakhtin
E.V. Zavialov
T.V. Perevoznikova

System of Biotests for Genetic Monitoring of Chemical Weapon Destruction Objects

V.N. Chupus
D.E. Ivanov
L.L. Zhuravleva
V.A. Zhirnov
I.N. Larin
N.V. Emeljanova
E.A. Lushchay

Methodological Approach to Increasing Technical Monitoring Quality within the Zones of Chemically Dangerous Objects

V.A. Alexeyev
M.V. Telegina
M.V. Tsapok

The Area Identification of Safety Works Zones of Cemical Weapon Storage and Destruction Objects

V.D. Nasarov
A.V. Nasarov
A.V. Tolstikh
V.V. Batyrev

Section 4: Ecological risk and ecological safety
Lewisite Detoxication Product, Hydrolytic Sodium Arsenite Processing, within the Framework of Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety

D.A. Elysejev
A.G. Demakhin
V.N. Chupis
V.V. Olyskevitch

Section 5: Ecotoxicology
Biotesting Methods Efficiency at Estimating Soil State in the Zone of Local Technogenic Mineral Phosphorus Contamination

A.S. Olkova
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Section 6: Ecological education
Instructing and Informing Population of Kirov region of the Aspects of Chemical Weapon Destruction

I.A. Zhujkova
P.A. Filjov

Section 7: Ecological portrait of enterprise
THE FEDERAL STATE INSTITUTION «The State Research Institute of Industrial Ecology» (FSI StateRIIE)

P. 121–123
V.N. Chupis


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