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F. Skapini

Doctor in Biology, Professor of Florence University (Italy).

Main publications

Poli, B. M., Messini, A. , Parisi, G. , Scappini, F. , Vigiani, V. , Giorgi, G. and Vincenzini, M. (2006), Sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological changes in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fillets packed under modified atmosphere/air or prepared from whole fish stored in ice. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 41: 444-454.

Poli B. M., Parisi G., Scappini F., Zampacavallo G. Fish welfare and quality as affected by pre-slaughter and slaughter management // Aquaculture International, 2005, Volume 13, Issue 1–2, pp 29–49.

G. Zampacavallo, F. Scappini, M. Mecatti, F. Iurzan, G. Mosconi & B.M. Poli Study on methods to decrease the stress at slaughter in farmed sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)// Italian Journal of Animal Science, 2011, Vol, 2: sup. 1, P. 616-618.

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