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Scapini Felicita

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
University of Florence (Italy), Professor

Biography, scientific achievements

Specialist in the field of marine hydrobiology. The directions of transformation of the littoral communities of the Mediterranean Sea under the influence of anthropogenic impact are revealed. Developed a system for monitoring anthropogenic changes in marine ecosystems according to a set of characteristics of the animal world; faunistic, biochemical, behavioral. Innovative methods have been developed to combat alien species in aquatic ecosystems in Europe. Published 120 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals included in the international citation databases Web of Science and Scopus. Hirsch index based on the Scopus database - 33.

Main publications

Chatzinikolaou E., Mandalakis M., Damianidis P., Dailianis T., Gambineri S., Rossano C., Scapini F., Carucci A., Arvanitidis C. Spatio-temporal benthic biodiversity patterns and pollution pressure in three Mediterranean touristic ports // Science of the Total Environment. 2018. V. 624. P. 648–660. doi:

Scapini F., Innocenti Degli E., Defeo O. Estuarine, Behavioral adaptations of sandy beach macrofauna in face of climate change impacts: A conceptual framework // Coastal and Shelf Science. 2019. V. 225. Article No. 106236. doi:

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