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Issue 4 in 2017

Section 1: Implementation of Convention on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
A huge step on the way to global security

V.D. Nazarov
Section 2: Research methods. Models and forecasts
Biosensors for environmental monitoring activities: classification and design features

D.L. Poklonsky
O.Yu. Durilov
D.A. Zygin
V.A. Voronin
A.Yu. Isaeva
N.V. Ermilov

Chemistry of methods for determining the mass fraction of basic substance in certified reference material of the composition of sarin and soman

S.N. Kobtsov
I.Kh. Ilyasov
I.N. Isaev
D.O. Vetkin
E.V. Chetyrina
E.V. Maksimova

Joint impact of ecologically dangerous factors

A.Yu. Isaeva
Yu.I. Khripkov
D.L. Poklonsky
D.A. Zygin
E.A. Semenov
E.E. Lagutkina

Adsorption models for describing equilibrium in the arseniteion – soil system

M.A. Shumilova
V.G. Petrov

Monitoring the effective operation of the emission cleaning system by waste composition

S.A. Sharov
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Section 3: Methods and technologies of territories rehabilitation
Some aspects of an integrated approach to the justified choice of technology for the elimination of hazardous and toxic industrial wastes

V.P. Kapashin
V.G. Mandich
V.A. Voronin
T.V. Vorob`ev
I.V. Kovalenko
A.V. Glazkov

Ways of eliminating hazardous and toxic industrial wastes

V.P. Kapashin
V.G. Mandich
V.A. Voronin
A.S. Lyakin
I.N. Isaev
I.V. Kovalenko

Microbial biotechnology of soil remediation for sanitation and sustainable functioning of the technogenic ecosystem

A.A. Leshchenko
I.P. Pogorelsky
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
I.A. Lundovskikh
I.V. Darmov
S.N. Yanov
A.G. Lazykin
M.R. Shabalina
I.A. Ustyuzhanin
S.A. Sharov
G.M. Rychkov

Section 4: Remediation and recultivation
Directions for use of biotechnological methods of liquidating the consequences of chemical weapons destruction

A.A. Yankovskaya
I.V. Filimonov
N.V. Zavyalova
E.N. Efremenko
V.I. Kholstov

Section 5: Monitoring disturbed areas
Functional diversity of streptomycetes in soils of forest and meadow phytocoenoses of technogenic territories

I.G. Shirokikh
E.V. Tovstik
A.A. Shirokikh
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Structure of terrestrial invertebrates community of meadow ecosystems in south taiga

S.V. Pestov
Е.А. Domnina
О.I. Kulakova
А.G. Tatarinov
А.V. Mazeeva

Soil algae and cyanobacteria of coniferous phytocenosis with different levels of anthropogenic impact

L.V. Kondakova
L.I. Domracheva
К.A. Bezdenezhnykh
I.A. Kondakova
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Content of mercury in soils and biological objects of natural and technogenic territories

A.G. Gorokhova
A.I. Ivanov
N.A. Yazynina
S.E. Ermolaev
M.V. Ferezanova

Section 6: Chronicle of events
Implementation of the Federal Target Program “Destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in the Russian Federation” on the territory of the Kirov region

P. 106–108
A.P. Denisenko
25 years of the Federal Agency for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons

P. 108–109
T.Ya. Ashihmina


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