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Section 1: Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
Methodological aspects background the use of indicators in the evaluation of ecological state of territories

M.G. Kurguzkin
P.M. Kurguzkin

Detection di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate in polyvinylchloride compound of mass spectrometric and biosensor methods

T.N. Kuvichkina
D.V. Budina
A.S. Olkova
A.N. Reshetilov
T.Ya. Ashikhmina

Section 2: Monitoring of anthropogenically injured areas
Ecologicalstate of urban soils subject to anthropogenic salinization and pollution (the North-Western District of Moscow as a study case)

M.F. Dorokhova
N.E. Kosheleva
E.V. Terskaya

Comprehensive monitoring of the ecological state urbanozem by biological indicators (on the example of Saratov)

M.Yu. Merkulova
E.I. Tikhomirova
O.V. Abrosimova

Transformation of vegetation, soils, and soil microbiota in the impact zone of the coal mine «Vorkutinskaya»

F.M. Khabibullina
E.G. Kuznetsova
A.N. Panyukov

Section 3: Chemistry of natural environments and objects
Photosynthetic pigments in the thalli of lichens of boreal flora

T.K. Golovko
O.V. Dymova
G.N. Tabalenkova
T.N. Pystyna 

Influence of benz[a]pyrene pollution on the growth processes and structure of polyarenes in plants

E.V. Yakovleva
D.N. Gabov
V.A. Beznosikov
B.M. Kondratenok

Section 4: Ecotoxicology
Study of the effect of fluoropolymer production wastes on barley Elf

S.I. Fuchs
S.V. Khitrin
S.V. Devyaterikova
T.S. Elkina
L.I. Domracheva
O.A. Nagovitsyna
L.N. Pshenichnikova

Comparative evaluation of the toxicity surface water and soil according to the results of biotesting two independent laboratories

E.A. Bronovitskaya
V.V. Petrash
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
L.V. Kondakova

Section 5: Environmental risks and ecological safety
Comparative estimation of soil and plant pollution in the impact area of air emissions from an aluminium plant after technogenic load reduction

G.А. Evdokimova
N.P. Mozgova

Section 6: Ecologization of production
Greening the production of aluminum products

S.I. Fuchs
S.V. Devyaterikova

Section 7: Agroecology
Assessment of technogenic load of heavy metals on agricultural land in the Moscow region

A.A. Ermakov
Е.А. Karpova
A.G. Malysheva
R.I. Mikhailova
I.N. Ryzhova
N.K. Sidorenkova

Section 8: Population ecology
The state of communities of aquatic invertebrates (plankton, benthos) in the conditions in the cage salmon farm

M.A. Baturina
O.N. Kononova
R.R. Rafikov

On changing of quality of Kostroma region forests for nutrition of elk (Alces alces L.)

F.A. Shabrov
The biological characteristics of local isolates polypores and some aspects of their cultivation

G.F. Zaripova
A.A. Shirokikh
I.G. Shirokikh


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