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Section 1: Theoretical Issues of Ecology
4th All-Russian Scientific Conference with International Participation "Humic Substances in Biosphere"

P. 6–7
V.A. Beznosikov
E.D. Lodygin
Formation and role of humic substances in biosphere

S.N. Chukov
Section 2: Research Methods. Models and Prospects
Organic matter structure and composition of permafrost peatlands in the European North-East

D.A. Kaverin
E.M. Lapteva
A.V. Pastukhov

Secondary structure of the macromolecules of humic acids

А.А. Mironov
A comparative analysis of humic acids from Khakassia paleosols using ir-expert computer program

V.D. Tikhova
T.F. Bogdanova
M.I. Dergacheva
V.P. Fadeeva
E.V. Kallas

Section 3: Monitoring of anthropogenically damaged areas
Biological parameters of soil and anthropogenic substrates of tailing damps of an iron ore mine

T.A. Pisareva
E.V. Abakumov

Humus condition changes of middle taiga podzolic soils after tree clear cutting

E.M. Lapteva
N.N. Bondarenko

Section 4: Chemistry of natural environments and natural objects
Humic substances and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in tundra soils

V.A. Beznosikov
E.D. Lodygin
D.N. Gabov
R.S. Vasilevich

Highly– and low–molecular organic compounds in tundra peat bogs

R.S. Vasilevich
D.N. Gabov
V.A. Beznosikov
I.V. Gruzdev
E.D. Lodigyn

Amphiphilic properties of soil organic matter in parcels of dominating coniferous trees in the middle taiga zone

A.A. Dymov
N.A. Nizovtsev

Amino acids in inert organic matter of forest-steppe soils and Pliocene clays fine-dispersed fraction

A.A. Shinkarev
A.A. Shinkarev(jr)
E.S. Ruselik
R.V. Okunev
E.V. Tarasova
A.S. Erofeeva

Section 5: Ecological Risk and Ecological Safety
Structure and properties of permafrost peatlands in the European North-East

A.V. Pastukhov
D.A. Kaverin
N.N. Goncharova 

Section 6: Ecologization of Industry
Humic preparation of lowland peat

I.V. Grekhova
Section 7: Agroecology
The treatment of winter wheat, grown on ordinary carbonate chernozem with humic fertilizer “BIO-Don”

O.S. Bezuglova
E.A. Polienko
A.V. Gorovtsov
V.A. Lyhman

Section 8: Industrial Ecology
Influence of the humic preparation on seedlings of coniferous breeds

P.S. Nemkov
I.V. Grekhova

Section 9: Regional Ecology
Geogenic ecotones and issues of soil protection

E.V. Abakumov
A.I. Gagarina

Monitoring the status and definition of humus content in soils of different genesis

O.S. Bezuglova
S.N. Gorbov
E.A. Polienko
S.S. Tagiverdiev
A.V. Karpushova
K.V. Chursinova

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