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Section 1: Theoretical Issues of Ecology
Studying the processes of natural and man-made reservoirs eutrophication (review)

T.Ya. Ashikhmina
T.I. Kutyavina
E.A. Domnina

Section 2: Methodology and Research Methods. Models and Prospects
On choosing test-sensitive aquatic hydrobionts for biological water testing of in laboratory, industrial and natural conditions

S.A. Nefedova
A.A. Korovushkin
D.G. Minin
L.B. Zutova
I.A. Ipatov

On some Experience of interpreting results of bioassay of surface water contaminated with chemicals and radioactivity

A.S. Olkova
E.V. Dabakh

Spring flood modelling in the floodplain of the Vyatka River in the territory of the Kirov-Chepetsky Branch of FSUE "RosRAO"

G.Ya. Kantor

Section 3: Chemistry of natural environments and natural objects
Micro-element vegetation composition oon the territory of a technogenic halite anomaly

O.Z. Eremchenko
O.A. Chetina
R.V. Kaygorodov

Technogenic transformation of landscape-geochemical processes in the area of potassium and magnesium salts mining

E.A. Khairulina
Persistence of some organophosphorus compounds in different types of soil

P.V. Naumov
L.F. Shcherbakova

Section 4: Ecotoxicology
Toxic effects of xenobiotics on pigment composition in tissues of Сeratophyllum demersum

S.A. Rosina
O.N. Makurina

Section 5: Ecologization of production
Technological aspects of solving the ecological problem of acid tars. Thin-layer thermal cracking

A.D. Zorin
E.N. Karataev
V.F. Zanozina
V.I. Faerman
Е.V. Jebryakov

Influence of birds-foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) pre-sowing seed treatment ways on germination and nodulation intensity

L.I. Domracheva
L.V. Trefilova
A.L. Kovina
E.A. Gornostaeva
O.N. Malygina
N.V. Novokshonova

Section 6: Remediation and recultivation
Consequences of deferred action for rehabilitation of territories contaminated with dioxins

Z.K. Amirova
Development of theoretical and practical aspects of disturbed lands restoration in the North of the Komi Republic

I.A. Likhanova
I.B. Archegova

Section 7: Social Ecology
The influence of the nutrient medium components and cultivation conditions on the growth of Trametes versicolor in the mycelial culture

A.A. Shirokikh
G.F. Zaripova
I.A. Ustyuzhanin
A.A. Zlobin
I.G. Shirokikh

Section 8: Population Ecology
Soil algae and cyanobacteria of the State Nature Reserve "Nurgush"

L.V. Kondakova
O.S. Pirogova

Number, biomass and cell size of bacteria in the rhizosphere and rhizoplane of some plants

I.P. Pinchuk
N.P. Kirillova
L.M. Polyanskaya
D.G. Zvyagintsev

Ontogenesis and monitoring of the coenopopulation Epipactis palustris (L.) Crantz from the position of the species protection

E.I. Chuprakova
N.P. Savinykh

Environmental assessment of the Sumarokovo wildlife sanctuary in the Kostroma region

A.V. Baranov
A.V. Potapova
A.N. Minayev
O.N. Sitnikova
N.V. Sokolov

Section 9: Сhronicle
8th International Congress on Systematics and Ecology of Myxomycetes

P. 126–127
I.G. Shirokikh


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