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Issue 4 in 2012

Section 1: Russia`s implementation of the сonvention on рrohibition of сhemical weapons: Final stage
Implementation of the federal target program at the fourth, final stage of chemical weapons decommission

V.I. Kholstov
Topical issues of the fourth, final stage of fulfilling Convention obligations by the Russian Federation

V.P. Kapashin
The main research directions at the final stage of Russia’s chemical disarmament

A.A. Gulin
Section 2: Methods and technologies for rehabilitation of the areas and sanitation of the buildings and constructions
Scientific and technical aspects of eliminating the effects of chemical weapons storage and decommission

R.O. Akishin
A.S. Lyakin

Technologies of sanitation the polluted territories during decommissioning the chemical weapons storage and destruction plant«Gorny» (Gorny Saratov region)

A.S. Ljakin
New high-tech sorbents and biodestructor-sorbents on the basis of humic acid as a means of remediation and reclamation of contaminated soil

E.M. Zagrebin
A.V. Sosnov
S.V. Sadovnikov
M.A. Zemlyakova
Yu.G. Putsykin
A.A. Shapovalov

Practical spheres of soil environmental remediation in case of chemical pollution

O.Yu. Rastegayev
V.E. Subbotin
A.M. Chentsov
V.A. Ryzhkov
S.N. Chernikov

Safety conditions for transference of metallic wastes from chemical weapon storage and destruction plants to metal processing plants

A.A. Gulin
E.P. Pavlenko

Hygienic aspects of reclamation of the site of the former mustard gas, lewisite and lewisite- mustard-gas mixtures production plant

B.N. Filatov
N.G. Britainov
V.V. Klauchek
S.P. Loss

Information support of process of reshaping of objects on storage and destruction of the chemical weapon

V.V. Afanasev
J.S. Bogojavlenskaja
V.F. Golovkov
P.V. Kazakov
E.N. Glukhan
R.V. Khohlov

Section 3: Analytical support of of chemical weapons destruction
Way of determining soman by measuring degradation products

M.A. Golyshev
A.Yu. Isaev
A.Yu. Karmishin
V.I. Khursa

Application of a hierarchy analysis method at assessing the efficiency of handling liquid waste during highly toxic substances decommission

G.G. Frizorger
V.G. Isakov
A.A. Abramova

Section 4: Chemical weapons decomission plants monitoring
Informational support of production control and monitoring system at the plant «Maradykovsky» in Kirov region

Yu.V. Novoydarsky
Improvement of methods of man-made substances control in monitoring CWD plants

V.G. Petrov
M.A. Shumilova
O.S. Nabokova
M.G. Lebedeva

The size and diversity of Actinomycetes in soil near the chemicalweapons decommission plant «Maradykovsky»

T.Ya. Ashihmina
E.V. Tovstik
S.Yu. Ogorodnikova
E.A. Domnina
I.G. Shirokikh

Comparative analysis of peculiar features of soil alga-mycological complexes near the chemical weapons storage and decommission plant «Maradykovky»

L.I. Domracheva
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
L.V. Kondakova
E.V. Dabach
T.S. El`kina

Section 5: Chronicle
State of decommission of chemical weapons in the Kirov region

P. 79–80
M.G. Manin
Preparing environmental engineers for working at chemical weapons decommission plants

P. 81–82
A.N. Bakin
N.M. Kebets
A.P. Sinkelev
A.P. Kebets
Xth All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation «Biodiagnostics of the state of natural and man-made systems»

P. 82–85
T.Ya. Ashikhmina
S.Yu. Ogorodnikova
Scientific and technical aspects of security at decommission, storage and transportation of chemical weapons (Sixth Scientific Conference)

P. 85–86
A.Yu. Karmishin
T.Ya. Ashikhmina


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