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Dorodnikov Maxim Vasilievich

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Göttingen University (Georg August), Germany, Researcher

Biography, scientific achievements

The field of scientific research is soil ecology, biogeochemistry (content of organic matter, elemental composition of peat C, N, S, H). Engaged in the study of anaerobic methane oxidation in terrestrial ecosystems, explores the mechanisms and ecological significance of the process. Investigates the enzymatic activity of soils, microbiological processes in soils, the formation of greenhouse gases in peatlands, and the thermal stability of organic matter. Hirsch index according to RSCI - 15, according to Scopus - 19.

Main publications

Wang R., Dorodnikov M., Yang S., Zhang Y., Filley T.R., Turco R.F., Zhang Y., Xu, Z., Li H., Jiang Y. Responses of enzymatic activities within soil aggregates to 9-year nitrogen and water addition in a semi-arid grassland // Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 2015. V. 81. P. 159‒167.

Hu Y.-H., Zhang X.-Y., Gao J.-Q., Zhang K., Song M.-H., Dorodnikov M., Kuzyakov Y., Soromotin A. Tussock microhabitats increase nitrogen uptake by plants in an Alpine Wetland // Plant and Soil. 2021. V. 466. No. 1‒2. P. 569‒580.

Scopus AuthorID: 16027892000


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