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Valery Teodorovich Yungblud

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
Vyatka State University, President, Professor

Biography, scientific achievements

For quite a long time, he has been developing the topic of scientific, technical and scientific rivalry between the USSR and the USA, including in the field of chemical production and ecology. As a leader (vice-rector for science, rector, president) participated in environmental programs. Has more than 250, including in the journals VAK, RSCI (126), Scopus (16). Hirsch index according to RSCI - 12, according to Scopus - 3.

Information about membership in the editorial boards (councils) of other publications: "University Scientific Journal" (RSPU named after A.I. Herzen), “Russia and the world. Bulletin of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation (Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation), Bulletin of Liberal Education (Editor-in-Chief), "Bulletin of the Vyatka State University (Chairman of the Editorial Board), "Russia - USA in the 21st century" (ISKRAN).

Main publications

Kalimullin A.M., Youngblood V.T., Khodyreva E.A. The system of management of innovation projects at a higher education // International Journal of Environmental and Science Education. 2016. V. 11. No. 5. P. 613‒622. doi: 10.12973/ijese.2016.334a


Place of work: Vyatka State University


36, Moskovskya street, Kirov, 610000, Editorial Board "Theoretical and Applied Ecology."

Phone/fax: (8332) 37-02-77


The journal was founded in 2007