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Chojnicki Bogdan Heronim

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor
Poznań University of Life Sciences (Poland), Professor

Biography, scientific achievements

On the basis of scientific achievements and the monograph “Research on the exchange of mass and energy between the surface of a peatland and the atmosphere, carried out using various measurement methods”, in 2014 he received a doctorate in the field of agricultural sciences in the discipline of conservation and formation of the environment, specializing in agrophysics, agrometeorology in Agricultural academy. August Czeszkowski in Poznań. Specialist in the field of research on the balance of heat and mass in ecosystems, greenhouse gases. Has 41 publications in the Scopus database, h-index - 18.

Main publications

Jassey V.E.J., Reczuga M.K., Zielińska M., Słowińska S., Robroek B.J.M., Mariotte P., Seppey C.V.W., Lara E., Barabach J., Słowiński M., Bragazza L., Chojnicki B.H. Tipping point in plant–fungal interactions under severe drought causes abrupt rise in peatland ecosystem respiration // Global Change Biology. 2018. V. 24. No. 3. P. 972‒986. doi: 10.1111/gcb.13928

Räty O., Alekseychik P., Aurela M., Chojnicki B., Desai A.R., Dolman A.J., Euskirchen E.S. Monthly gridded data product of northern wetland methane emissions based on upscaling eddy covariance observations // Earth System Science Data. 2019. V. 11. No. 3. P. 1263‒1289. doi: 10.5194/essd-11-1263-2019


Place of work: Poznań University of Life Sciences

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