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Meshalkin Valery Pavlovich

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor them. DI. Mendeleev, Professor

Biography, scientific achievements

A prominent specialist in the field of the theory of analysis and synthesis of energy-resource-efficient environmentally safe chemical-technological systems for the production of competitive chemical products and the logistics of resource-energy saving in industry.
Author of more than 900 scientific papers, including 224 articles in the Scopus database, 29 monographs, 13 RF patents and copyright certificates; 16 certificates of state registration of computer programs and databases.
Areas of expertise: applied ecology in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, fuel and energy and metallurgical complexes; application of mathematical methods, the theory of artificial intelligence and digitalization tools to solve problems of applied ecology. Prepared 10 doctors and 92 candidates of sciences. Deputy Chairman and member of the Expert Council on Inorganic Chemistry of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation.

Member of the editorial boards of the journals: "Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Technology", "Logistics", "Integrated Logistics", "Management in Russia and Abroad", "Applied Informatics" ”, “Chemical Technology”, “Chemical Industry”, “Integrated Technologies and Energy Saving” (Ukraine).


Place of work: FGBOU VO "RCTU" them. DI. Mendeleev

36, Moskovskya street, Kirov, 610000, Editorial Board "Theoretical and Applied Ecology." Phone/fax: (8332) 37-02-77 e-mail:
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