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Sergey Pestov

PhD in Biology, Associate Professor of Vyatka State University.

Main publications

Fefilova E.B, Loskutova О.A., Pestov S.V. Micro-benthic crustacean communities in tundra lakes of North-East European Russia // Aquat. Ecol. 2008. V. 42. P. 449–461

Pestov S. V. Seasonal dynamics of hoverfly (Diptera, Syrphidae) activity in the taiga zone of the Komi Republic // Entomol. Review. 2010. V. 90. N. 6. P. 718–723

Mingaleva N.A., Pestov S.V., Zagirova S.V. Health Status and Biological Damage to Tree Leaves in Green Areas of Syktyvkar // Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2011. V. 4. N. 3. P. 310-318

Pestov S. V., Panjukova E. V. Landscape and Zonal Distribution of Bloodsucking Mosquitoes and Horseflies (Diptera: Culicidae, Tabanidae) in the Northeastern Russian Plain // Entomol. Review, 2013, V. 93, N. 9, P. 1129-1137

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ResearcherID: N-2018-2013

ORCID: 0000-0002-5464-793X

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