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Grigory Kantor

Grigory Kantor

Candidate of Technical Sciences, specialty "Geoecology".
Researcher at the Laboratory of Biomonitoring, Institute of Biology, Federal Research Center, Komi Scientific Center, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Research interests: remote sensing of the Earth, ecological mapping, statistical data analysis.

Biography, scientific achievements

In 1977, he graduated from the Faculty of Physics of the Tomsk State University. V.V. Kuibyshev. He made a great contribution to research in the field of geoecology using aerospace methods and GIS technologies. The area of scientific interests includes the substantiation of statistical methods for processing data from biological and environmental experiments, ecotoxicological methods of analysis for the purposes of state and environmental monitoring.

Published 242 publications in the RSCI, 22 in Scopus.

Hirsch Index RSCI 14, Scopus 4.

Main publications

Olkova A.S., Kantor G.Y., Kutyavina T.I., Ashikhmina T.Y. The importance of maintenance conditions of Daphnia magna Straus as a test organism for ecotoxicological analysis // Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 2018. V. 37. No. 2. P. 376-384.

Tovstik E.V., Adamovich T.A., Rutman V.V., Kantor G.Ya., Ashikhmina T.Ya. Identification of the thickets of heracleum sosnowskyi using earth remote sensing data // Theoretical and Applied Ecology. 2018. No. 2. P. 35-37.

Adamovich T.A., Kantor G.Ya., Ashikhmina T.Ya., Savinykh V.P. Analysis of the seasonal and long-term dynamics of the NDVI vegetation index in the territory of the state natural reserve "NURGUSH" // Theoretical and applied ecology. 2018. No. 1. S. 18-24.

T.I. Kutyavina, G.Ya. Kantor, T.Ya. Ashikhmina, V.P. Savinykh. Application of methods of processing and analysis of space images for the study of eutrophicated reservoirs (review) // Teoreticheskaya i prikladnaya ekologiya. 2020. No. 2. P. 14-25.

Scopus AuthorID: 7102509484

ResearcherID: O-1192-2015

ORCID: 0000-0002-6462-6702


Place of work: Institute of Biology Federal Research Center Komi Scientific Center Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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