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Galina Mikhailovna Zenova

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
Lomonosov Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, professor

Biography, scientific achievements

A prominent scientist in the field of soil microbiology. Specialization - soil actinomycetes. She proved the specificity of actinomycete complexes of various types of soils, described the patterns of distribution of mycelial prokaryotes in biogeocenoses of various natural and climatic zones. For the first time she substantiated the concept of actinolichens as a symbiotic association. She developed an idea of ​​the significance of the actinomycete complex in the biodiagnostics of anthropogenic disturbances. Author of more than 250 scientific publications, including monographs and textbooks. h-index 7 in Scopus and WoS databases.

Main publications

Manucharova N.A., Ksenofontova N.A., Karimov T.D., Vlasova A.P., Zenova G.M., Stepanov A.L. Changes in the phylogenetic structure of the metabolically active prokaryotic complex of soils under the influence of oil pollution // Microbiology. 2020. V. 89(2). P. 222‒234.

Manucharova N.A., Ksenofontova N.A., Belov A.A., Kamensky N.N., Arzamazova A.V., Zenova G.M., Stepanov A.L. Prokaryotic component of oil-contaminated oligotrophic peat soil at different levels of mineral nutrition // Eurasian Soil Sci. 2021. V. 1. P. 80–89.

Scopus AuthorID: 7003794777


Place of work: Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov


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