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Ashikhmina Tamara Yakovlevna

Ashikhmina Tamara Yakovlevna

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education
The Chairperon of the Chemistry Department of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education “Vyatka State University”
The Head of Biomonitorin Laboratory of Science Institute of Biology of the Komi Science Centre of the Ural Division RAS.
Member of the Public Chamber of Kirov region.
Honorary Citizen of Kirov
Honorours graduate of the VyatSHU
Chief Editor of the Jourbnal “Theoretical and Applied Ecology”
Research specialization: Soil Sciences, 25 00 36 Geoecology
Chemical sciences, 02 00 00 Chemistry

Biography, scientific achievements

In 1968 T.Ya. Ashikhmina graduated from the Kirov state pedagogical institute, the Faculty of Geography, in 1976 graduated from the post-graduate studies at the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the Yaroslavl state pedagogical institute,presented a thesis of her candidate dissertation ahead of time. In 1996 she was awarded by the title of professor, in 2000 the title of "Honored Employee of Higher School". In 2003 presented a thesis of her doctoral dissertation.
The main scientific and technical achievements: Since 1996 she is the supervisor of the project and contract works. During this period, 37 scientific and technical projectsit are carried out. She engaged in the study of physical and chemical analysis of heterogenious balances in ternary and quaternary systems 73 new complex compounds were got. On the basis of thiocarbomide complex of cadmium the composition of cadmium plating electrolyte was worked out and implemented.
She is the scientific leader of scientific school "Environmental monitoring of natural and man-made systems" included in the list of Leading Scientific Schools of Russian Federation. Staff of School received three grants of the President of the Russian Federation. T.Ya. Ashikhmina is the author of designed and implemented system of school ecological monitoring for educational establishments of Kirov region is worked out and implemented. Teaching aids “School ecological monitoring”, “Ecological monitoring” for teachers, pupils, and students are written and published.
In 1998 T. Ya. Ashikhmina by the administrative decree of Kirov region was appointed a scientific supervisor of the chemical weapon destruction research program in Orichevskiy district of Kirov region.
The research team under her leadership took part in the development and implementation of 26 projects, including the feasibility study of the project of construction of the object for chemical weapons destruction, the implementation of the project on environmental impact assessment, as well as in environmental passportisation of the storing object, in calculating the radius and area of protective measures, in working out the program of complex ecological monitoring, in scientific research dealing with ecological examination of the former chemical weapons destruction objects, in background research of the territory of the projected plant of chemical weapons destruction, in organizing and fulfilling the work on the program of state ecological control and monitoring of the environment in the vicinity of the operating object, in engineering-ecological work over assessment of the impact of the chemical weapons storage and destruction object.
T. Ya. Ashikhmina is the founder of the joint research Laboratory of Biomonitoring of Science Institute of Biology of the Komi Science Centre of the Ural Division RAS and of the Vyatka State University of Humanities. On the base of Department of fundamental chemistry and methods of teaching chemistry she has organized an ecoanalytical laboratory accredited for 176 indicators of physical-chemical and toxicological analysis. She is the organizer, leader of the scientific research group and the Chief Editor of the journal “Theoretical and Applied Ecology”. She is a supervisor of post-graduate studies in Ecology, Geoecology, as well as of graduate studies (master) in Chemistry of the Environment.
Also she is a member editorial boards of journals "Butlerov Communications" and "Bulletin of the Institute of Biology Komi SC UB RAS". T.Ya. Ashikhmina has published 489 scientific works including 17 books and monographs. She has edited 23 books of collections of papers of scientific conferences. According to Russian Index of Scientific Citation in 2016 her h-index is 16.
T.Ya. Ashikhmina is a member of the Public Chamber of the Kirov region of three convocations, Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Education of the Kirov Region and the Chairman of the Public Council under the management of "Rosprirodnazor" (Russian Federal Service of Supervision in Area of Use of Nature Resources) in the Kirov region. Three times winner of the Kirov Region Award (2004, 2009, 2014). In 2014, by the decision of the Kirov City Council she was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of the city of Kirov."

Main publications

1. Shirokikh I. G., Shirokikh A. A., Ashikhmina T.Ya. Specificity of Actinomycetal Complexes in Urbanozems of the City of Kirov // Eurasian Soil Sciense. 2011. Vol. 44, № 2. P. 180–185.
DOI: 10.1134/S1064229311020116
2. Shirokikh I.G., Solov’eva E.S., Ashikhmina T.Ya. Actinomycetes in garden soils of the city of Kirov // Eurasian Soil Science, 2013. Vol. 46. № 5. Р. 565-571.
DOI: 10.1134/S106422931305013X
3. Shirokikh I.G., Solov’eva E.S., Ashikhmina T.Ya. Actinomycete Complexes in Soils of Industrial and Residential Zones in the City of Kirov // Eurasian Soil Sciense. 2014. Vol. 47, № 2. Р. 89–95.
DOI: 10.1134/S1064229313100062
4. Ol'kova AS, Skugoreva SG, Adamovich TA, Varaksina NV, Ashikhmina TYa. Assessment of water bodies with bioassay methods in the zone of influence of the industrial enterprises (for example, Kirovo-Chepetsk chemical works) // Theoretical and Applied ecology, 2011. № 3. C. 44-51.
5. Suntsova E.S., Ashikhmina T.Y., Kantor G.Y. The content of radionuclides in the components of the natural environment in the area of Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Works // Problems of regional ecology. 2012. №2. Р. 162-167.
6. Ashikhmina T.Ya., Tovstik E.V., Ogorodnikova S.Yu., Domnina E.A., Shirokikh I.G. Amount and diversity of soil actinomycetes near the object for destruction of chemical weapons "Maradykovsky" // Theoretical and Applied Ecology, 2012. № 4. P. 67-72.
7. Кutyavina T.I., Fomina Ye. A., Ashikhmina T. Yа., Savinykh V.P. Morphometric, agrochemical and biological characteristics of the reservoirs of the Northeast of the Kirov region // Teoreticheskaya i prikladnaya ekologiya, 2013. № 2. Р. 50-55.
8. Shirokikh I.G., Tovstik E.V., Ashikhmina T.Ya., Shirokikh A.A. The reaction of soil actinomycetes to the soil contamination by arsenic // Agrochemistry, 2014. № 1. P. 82-89.
DOI: 10.7868/S0032180X13070101
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10. Shirokikh I.G., Solov'eva E.S., Ashikhmina T.Ya. Functional and Structural Features of Streptomycete Complexes Isolated from Soils with Varying Degrees of Heavy-Metal Contamination // Contemporary Problems of Ecology. 2015, Vol. 8. № 1. Р. 125-132.
DOI: 10.1134/S1995425515010138
11. Features of urban ecosystems of southern taiga of the European Northeast / Ed. T.Yа. Ashikhmina, L.I. Domracheva. Kirov: VSHU, 2012. 282 p.
ISBN 978-5-456-001375
12. Biological monitoring of natural and man-made systems / Under total. Ed. T.Ya. Ashikhmina, N.M. Alalykina. Syktyvkar, Komi Scientific Center, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2011. 388 p.
ISBN 978-5-89606-434-3
13. Ashikhmina T.Ya. Creation and optimization of the system of state environmental control and monitoring for facility "Maradykovsky" in the Kirov region // Theoretical and Applied Ecology, 2013. № 3. P. 29-39.

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