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The development of an industrial environmental control and monitoring system for large-scale industrial waste advanced recycling facility “Maradykovsky”

N.M. Makarova, A.I. Polyakov, G.A. Kuzmina, A.M. Toygildin
Section: Monitoring of natural and anthropogenically disturbed areas
The features of a complex multi-level system of environmental safety for industrial waste treatment facility (WTF) “Maradykovsky’’ are presented. Such a system provides for the industrial environmental control (monitoring), the purpose of which is to assess agreement of the results obtained with environmental standards (pollutant emissions into the air, waste generation standards, noise) and hygienic standards of pollutant content in environmental components (atmospheric air, soil, snow cover, groundwater) at the border of the sanitary protection zone of the waste treatment facility and settlements. The functioning of the environmental control (monitoring) system is expected both at the stage of construction of the WTF and during its operation.
Keywords: industrial waste, waste treatment, waste treatment facility, industrial environmental control, industrial environmental monitoring
Article published in number 4 for 2022
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2022-4-052-059
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