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Climatic modeling of the habitat suitability of Erythronium sibiricum (Fisch. et C.A. Mey.) Krylov

A.V. Vaganov, E.A. Zholnerova, V.F. Zaikov, A.I. Shmakov
Section: Ecology and climate change
The Erythronium sibiricum (Fisch. et C.A. Mey.) Krylov (family Liliaceae L.) is an Altai-Sayan endemic, a relic of tertiary broad-leaved forests, predominantly a forest mesophyte. Erythronium sibiricum is listed in a number of regional Red Books and the Red Book of the Russian Federation (a rare species that is declining in numbers in natural populations). Maximum entropy method (MaxEnt) was used to constructing a model of suitability of Erythronium sibiricum habitat. The initial data for the modeling of potential distribution were the climatic parameters of WorldClim, the actual records from herbarium funds and from nature. It has been proved that E. sibiricum demonstrates a wide ecological amplitude. Modeling of the predicted habitats of E. sibiricum showed almost equal influence of the temperature factor (46,4%) and precipitation (41,8%) as restraining the expansion of the species range, which correlates with the distribution of E. sibiricum within the climate types according to Coppen-Geiger. These works are based on the study of the influence of climate, as one of factors for the successful introduction of plants. Data obtained on beautifully blooming E. sibiricum and methodological approach could be used for solving environmental problems in some regions of the Russian Federation.
Keywords: Erythronium sibiricum, areal, herbarium, climate, Siberia, modeling, endemic, DIVA-GIS, GBIF, MaxEnt

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Article published in number 3 for 2023
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2023-3-208-214
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