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Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of solid and liquid dispersants in simulation of oil and oil product spills

S.G. Litvinets, E.A. Martinson, S.M. Kuznetsov, E.O. Zadorina, O.A. Novikova, V.G. Komosko, A.V. Nikolaeva, M A. Troshin, M.T. Gaysin
Section: Ecologization of industry
The effectiveness of the «Dimex» solid dispersant developed in the interests of PJSC «Transneft» for cleaning the water surface from films of oil and oil products through dispersion, including in winter (ice) conditions, has been studied. Liquid dispersant «Finasol OSR 52», manufactured by Total Fluides, France, approved for use in Russia, was used as a reference drug. The possibility of using the modified Warren Spring Laboratory test as a method for evaluating the effectiveness of dispersion for solid dispersants is shown. Under conditions of a wide range of changing parameters, including: salinity of model seawater, water temperature, presence of sludge and broken ice, dispersant: oil ratio, type of oil product, the high efficiency of the solid dispersant «Dimex» was shown, which was for medium sulphurous oil with a density of 870.0 kg/m3 – from 35.69% to 60.67%, for light, sweet oil with a density of 844.0 kg/m3 – from 39.21% to 58.70%, for diesel fuel with a density of 830.8 kg/m3 – from 50.73% to 72.21%, for kerosene with a density of 785.5 kg/m3 – from 52.34% to 60.45%, for gasoline with a density of 739.2 kg/m3 – from 40.41 % to 49.82%. The obtained values are comparable with the values for the «Finasol OSR52» liquid dispersant registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, which makes it possible to recommend the «Dimex» solid dispersant for use in the elimination of emergency oil and oil products spills in offshore areas in the North.
Keywords: solid dispersant, liquid dispersant, dispersant activity, oil and oil products, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, dispersant activity assessment method, WSL-test

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Article published in number 1 for 2022
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2022-1-115-123
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