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Complex processing of natural phosphorites using alkaline wastes of petrochemical synthesis and gas sulfur

R.H. Khuziakhmetov, N.V. Syrchina, Т.Ya. Ashikhmina, N.N. Ivanova
Section: Problems of environmental protection
The technology of complex processing of phosphorite ore of the Vyatka-Kama phosphorite basin into phosphorus fertilizers is proposed. The main mineral components of the ore are fluorocarbonate apatite, glauconite and quartz. The proposed technology includes the separation of ore into concentrate and tailings (effel) with the subsequent processing of the concentrate into thermophosphate, and the effels ‒ into budgetary granular organomineral РКS-fertilizers (OMF). The Р2О5 content in the concentrate was not less than 20%, in the fine-grained part of beneficiation tailings ‒ not less than 6%. Thermophosphate was obtained by sintering a mixture of a concentrate with alkaline waste of petrochemical synthesis containing Nа2CO3 and/or NаОН. In the product thus obtained, phosphorus is in the form of renanite, readily soluble in citric acid and suitable for use as a P-fertilizer on acidic soils. Organomineral РКS-fertilizers was prepared by granulating a mixture of fine-grained part of beneficiation tailings and serpeat suspension (SS). To obtain SS, gas sulfur (natural gas purification waste) and peat of a high degree of decomposition were used. The main purpose of sulfur in the composition of OMF is the conversion of phosphates into more soluble forms (hydrophosphates) due to H2SO4 formed during the oxidation of sulfur by soil microorganisms. OMF is suitable for use on all types of soil. It was found that the introduction of thermophosphate and OMF leads to a significant increase in the content of mobile forms of phosphorus. Both fertilizers have a positive effect on plant development. The main advantages of the proposed technology include an increase in the efficiency of mined phosphorites and the return to economic circulation of 3 types of waste: effel, gas sulfur, alkaline sludge of petrochemical synthesis.
Keywords: phosphorites, phosphorite enrichment tailings, phosphoric fertilizers, thermophosphates, petrochemical synthesis wastes, gas sulfur, peat
Article published in number 1 for 2022
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2022-1-102-108
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