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Ecology and sustainable development: priorities of science and education

D.S. Ermakov
Section: Chronicle
We present results of the discussion about the state and prospects of scientific research in the field of ecology and sustainable development at the All-Russian scientific and practical seminar "Ecology and sustainable development: priorities of science and education" (May 31, 2021, A. N. Severtsov Institute of ecology and evolution of Russian academy of sciences, Moscow), which was attended by employees of research institutes and environmental institutions, teachers of schools and universities, representatives of executive and legislative authorities, public organizations. Experts in the field of ecology, geography, sociology, economics, political science, pedagogy discussed the importance of studying and solving problems of sustainable development, which are currently considered mainly in the socio-economic aspect, primarily from an environmental point of view. We need special research which will link the mechanisms of ensuring the sustainability of natural systems of different levels and societies, as well as to implement them in practice with the active assistance of the education and enlightenment system, the interested participants which are decision-makers, and the general population. The necessity of greening the economy and nature management, improving legislation, state, and local governance, preserving biological diversity and the environmental functions of natural ecosystems, mitigating and preventing the negative effects of climate change, providing reliable information about the state of the environment and overcoming "scientific myths" about sustainable development, training qualified personnel and developing talents in the field of ecology is emphasized. According to the results of the seminar, it was noted that at the global plan we need new meanings and development priorities. At the same time, current scientific results and expert assessments should be involved in the process of making political and socio-economic decisions, developing state, regional and municipal programs; they should be brought to the attention of the general public (particularly, in a popular form, through the mass media) and used for implementation of training courses and educational projects.
Keywords: ecology, sustainable development, scientific research, education, seminar
Article published in number 4 for 2021
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