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Features of vegetation restoration on the dumps of spent minings of the Subpolar Urals

S.V. Degteva
Section: Monitoring of natural and anthropogenically disturbed areas
The results of long-term restoration of vegetation on the dumps of a spent gold mining in the Kozhim River basin (Circumpolar Urals) are presented. 25 years after the finishing of gold mining, only an small part of the industrial territories open groupings and unclosed plant communities are formed. Significant areas of dumps remained practically lifeless. Biodiversity increases over time up to 212 species for vascular plants and up to 27 species for bryophytes. The composition of plant groups and phytocenoses is characterized by significant variability. This is due not only to unfavorable environmental conditions, but also to the random introduction of seeds. Primary successions during the observation period did not occur according to the zonal type, although the appearance of the emerging vegetation was determined by species of natural flora.
Keywords: restoration of vegetation, disturbed territoties, Subpolar Urals.

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Article published in number 3 for 2021
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2021-3-080-089
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