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Ecological trend of succession in mycobiome of the old botanical garden chernozem

I.D. Svistova, N.N. Nazarenko
Section: Population ecology
The article presents the results of long-term bioindication studies of the mycobiome of the leached chernozem of the B.A. Keller Botanical Garden of the Voronezh State Agrarian University. In this article, for the first time in our longstanding bioindication studies, we established the ecological trend of the succession of soil mycobiome of the Botanical Garden. The influence of plant rhizodeposites led to an increase in the α- and β-diversity of mycobiome compared to virgin soil, the accumulation of copiotrophic, hydrolytic, phytopathogenic species. However, the transition of soil mycobiome to the adaptive response of “stress” is observed, what appeared in the concentration of dominance of typical species, a decrease in the proportion of stenotopic species and the accumulation of toxigenic micromycetes. A sensitive method was selected for determining the biological (phytotoxic) activity of the soil, and the decisive role of micromycetes as a biotic factor in its development was confirmed. The main direction of succession of the soil mycobiom under intense microbial-plant interactions is the accumulation of species of fungi that synthesize mycotoxins. The stress reaction of the mycobiome and the growth of phytotoxic activity of the soil indicate the important role of microbial-plant interactions in reducing the stability of even such a high-buffer type of soil as leached chernozem. The results obtained can be used to assess and predict the ecological state of soil ecosystems using mycoindication.
Keywords: soil micromycetes, biodiversity, taxonomic structure, micoindication, phytotesting
Article published in number 3 for 2022
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2022-3-142-148
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