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Bioindication of oil-contaminated soils using invertebrates

E.N. Melekhina, A.A. Taskaeva
Section: Population ecology
The article discusses the possibility of using springtails (Collembola) as an indicator group of soil invertebrates in the case of oil pollution, as well as the rate of their recovery in soils reclaimed by different methods. Eight experimental sites were examined with the use of various biological preparations, agrochemical soil treatment and the background community in the Usinsk region of the Komi Republic. A decrease in the diversity and abundance of springtails, a depletion of the spectrum of their life forms, and a restructuring of the dominance structure on the experimental sites 12 years after reclamation are shown. The euedaphic and hemiedaphic species were found to be sensitive to oil pollution. Species characteristic of the initial stages of restoration of soil communities after oil pollution (Ceratophysella succinea, Proisotoma minima, Desoria hiemalis), as well as a species that may be sensitive to oil pollution (Protaphorura jacutica), have been identified. Analysis of the diversity of springtails can serve as an alternative to ecotoxicological tests in assessing the effectiveness of reclamation methods and the rate of restoration of disturbed soils.
Keywords: springtails, pollution of terrestrial ecosystems, bioremediation, European part of Russia
Article published in number 4 for 2021
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2021-4-181-186
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