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Study of metabolites of Streptomyces carpaticus RCAM04697 for the creation of environmentally friendly plant protection products

Yu.V. Bataeva, L.N. Grigoryan, E.A. Kurashov, J.V. Krylova, E.V. Fedorova, E.J. Iavid, V.V. Khodonovich, L.V. Yakovleva
Section: Agroecology
In the Astrakhan region, in the conditions of an arid extreme climate with a semi-desert landscape, communities of soil actinomycetes with specific properties are formed. The strain Streptomyces carpaticus RCAM04697 was isolated from saline soils in the arid zone. The qualitative and quantitative composition of low molecular weight organic compounds (LMWOCs) in suspension and extracts (hexanic, water-alcoholic (50/50), methanolic) of this strain, which has antiviral, insectoacaricidal, fungicidal and phytostimulating properties, was studied by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) using a gas chromatography-mass spectrometer SHIMADZU GCMS-QP2010 Ultra. Mass spectra were recorded in the scanning mode for the full mass range (30-1090 m/z) in the programmed temperature mode. The detected LMWOCs were identified using the mass spectrum libraries "NIST-2014" and " Wiley". GC/MS-analysis of metabolites of the strain showed that the identified LMWOCs have valuable properties from an agricultural point of view: bactericidal (2-methylpentane-2,4-diol); fungicidal (2-methylpentane-2,4-diol); insecticidal (propan-2-yl tetradecanoate). GC/MS analysis showed that the hexane extract of the strain S. carpaticus RCAM04697 had the largest number of metabolites-13 LMWOCs, whereas the methanol extract contained only 3 LMWOCs. It should be noted that the identified metabolites confirm our earlier information that the suspension and extracts (hexanic, water-alcoholic (50/50), methanolic) of S. carpaticus RCAM04697 strain can be used as a basis for creating biological plant protection products with high biological effectiveness with insecticidal, acaricidal, fungicidal, bactericidal properties. Streptomycetes are an inexhaustible source of new biologically active substances that can be used in plant protection, agronomy, medicine, and veterinary medicine. Thus, we consider it necessary to continue research in the field of studying the properties of actinomycete metabolites, in particular, streptomycetes, due to the need to decipher the ecological and biochemical mechanisms of their existence, characterized by the great potential in various industries, and especially in the field of environmental agrotechnologies.
Keywords: streptomycetes, metabolites, suspension, extract, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Article published in number 3 for 2021
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2021-3-172-178
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