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Some aspects of the problem of the wolf’s (Canis lupus L.) penetration in the settlements of the Komi Republic

A.N. Korolev
Section: Social ecology
We described the problem of wolves penetrations into the settlements of the Komi Republic in 2014–2020 based on the analysis of electronic media messages (n = 271). The frequency of its penetration into human settlement increased significantly on the background of growing of the wolf’s population. The predator was recorded in at least 106 settlements (14.7% of the number of settlements in the region with a non-zero population) and in 18 (out of 20) districts. It was recorded in villages as well as in cities, including the capital of the region – Syktyvkar. Approximately half (48.2%) of these settlements are located in four southern Komi Republic districts: Ust-Vymsky, Sysolsky, Syktyvdinsky and Kortkerossky. Settlements with the predator occurrences differed in population size from settlements without the predator occurrences. The median population size of the first settlements group (482 citizens, confidence interval CI = 93–3367, n = 106) was significantly higher (Mann-Whitney U-test, Z = -8.80, p < 0.001) than in second group (92 citizens, CI = 5–750, n = 614). The main negative consequences of the wolves invasions was its depredation on domestic animals (cows, calves, goats, sheep, cats and dogs). The main object of the wolves predation in settlements are dogs. Most of the attacks on dogs (70.4%) occur from October to January. The attacks was not recorded in April and May only. The number of the attacks on dogs varies greatly by region and year. The estimated size of the maximum annual death of dogs from wolf predation in rural areas of the Komi Republic is about 400–500 individuals or 1.5–2% of the total size of the ‘‘rural’’ dogs’ population in the region (our estimation is 24.2 thousand individuals). In some areas, the value of the annual death of dogs due to the wolf’s attacks reaches many tens (up to hundreds) of individuals.
Keywords: wolf, Canis lupus, Komi Republic, settlements, death of domestic animals

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Article published in number 3 for 2021
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2021-3-237-243
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