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The influence of modern climate warming on the water flow and major ion flux of the Northern Dvina

A.O. Danilenko, A.G. Geоrgiadi
Section: Monitoring of natural and anthropogenically disturbed areas
Modern global warming has changed the water flow in the basins of the Arctic rivers. It’s manifested in the alternation of relatively long phases of increased and decreased water flow. In turn, water runoff variations could change the major ions flux of rivers of this region. In this regard, the goal of the work was a quantitative assessment of the modern warming impact on the annual and seasonal water flow and ion flux of the Northern Dvina river at Ust’-Pinega vlg. during 1947–2016 years considering the separation of this period into relatively cold (1947–1988) and relatively warm (1989–2016). Climatic periods were determined by the cumulative deviation curves of annual and winter air temperature in basin. The ions flux was calculated using close statistically significant relationships between observed concentration and daily water discharges. It was shown that modern climate warming increased the annual and seasonal water flow by 3–15%. The most noticeable increase of major ions flux was observed in winter. The scale of ion flux changes is less noticeable than water flow changes. Statistically significant increase of ion flux was also revealed only in the winter, which is associated with growth of the flow of relatively more mineralized waters. In general, the homeostasis of the geochemical load on the White Sea by the Northern Dvina regardless of its water flow fluctuations, is determined by the inverse relationship between water flow and chemical concentration.
Keywords: the Northern Dvina river, water flow, ion flux, climate warming

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Article published in number 1 for 2022
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2022-1-064-069
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