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New approach to utilization of oil-polluted soil

E. Gilazhov, A. Saginayev, M. Urazgaliyeva, A. Aronova, S. Izgaliyev
Section: Remediation and rehabilitation
The material for the study of the authors selected soils polluted with oil, selected from the territory of the oil and gas industry «Prorvaneft» and the oil and gas industry «Zhyloyneft» of the Atyrau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan and studied the possibility of their utilization by using as organic binders to strengthen the soil. The result of the research is the development of the new method for the disposal of waste oil and gas production - oil-contaminated soils by using them as an organic binder to strengthen the soil in the construction of unpaved roads. The use of compositions prepared from contaminated soil, selected from the «Karaton» sludge collector of the oil and gas industry «Zhyloyneft» for physical and mechanical properties complies with the requirements of the building regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and even exceeds the requirements for soils reinforced with organic binders for the construction of upper layers of foundations and road pavements of III-V technical equipment category. The soil strengthened by the proposed astringent compound, even with a lower content of oil hydrocarbons in the composition, has high strength, and in addition, water resistance is 2 times improved. By the proposed method, it is possible to obtain astringent compositions for strengthening the soils of the lower layer of the base of dirt roads. They give high strength, frost resistance to the soil and improve the water resistance of the soil than the well-known binders. The application of this method can solve one of the most important environmental problems in the field of soil and atmosphere protection.
Keywords: oil and gas production, contaminated soil, utilization, strengthening of soil, organic binders, road construction.

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Article published in number 4 for 2020
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2020-4-185-191
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