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Monitoring of natural and natural-anthropogenic objects in the province of Vyatka-Kama Upland

M.G. Dvornikov, V.V. Shiryaev, V.G. Safonov, D.P. Strelnikov
Section: Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas
The review summarizes the results of thirty years stationary studies of zonal natural and anthropogenically disturbed biogeocenoses (BGC) based on natural ecosystems and their components in the province of Vyatka-Kama Upland. The combination in the hierarchical series of natural, natural-anthropogenic and anthropogenic objects is the chorological basis of environmental monitoring. The analysis of the structure of regional ecosystems and the use of biological resources in changing climatic and anthropogenic conditions is carried out. Due to the identified parameters of the structural and functional organization of the BGC and their capacity, the trend for the conversion of taiga into mixed and rejuvenated forests has been established (in numerical values). The conversion process is accompanied by an increase in calcium to the south of the region and confirms changes in the biogeochemical cycle of the taiga type, which entails a decrease in the ability to restore and maintain the natural amount of water in the Kama basin and its aggregations and the climate as a whole. At the same time, the emergence, dynamic functioning of the BGC and the forecast for their development opens up attractive innovative and investment prospects for effective environmental management and development of the region.
Keywords: natural and anthropogenic objects, biological productivity, forecasting of ecological risks and safety
Article published in number 3 for 2020
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2020-3-091-096
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