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The estimation of total and a water-soluble fluorine content in common brands of large-leaf and packaged tea

O.I. Baykova, D.B. Petrenko, N.D. Sverdlova, N.V. Vasiliev
Section: Social ecology
The content of total and water-soluble fluoride in large-leaf tea and packaged tea sold in the Moscow region has been studied. Using the ionometric method, the content of total and water-soluble fluoride was determined in 18 samples of widespread tea brands. The contents of fluoride ions in infusions of tea, obtained by the classical method of infusion, were 1.1–4.5 mg / dm3, with an average value of 3.1 mg / dm3. Fluorine in the investigated samples of tea is mainly in water-soluble form. The share of water-soluble fluoride in large-leaf and packaged teas was 81 and 76%, respec-tively. The average values of fluorine concentrations in infusions of large-leaf and packaged teas were close and amounted to 3.3 and 2.8 mg / dm3, respectively. The total fluorine content in the studied samples varies in the range of 290–760 mg / kg and averages 409 mg / kg. Using the example of the «Maysky tea» was showed, it was shown that in the first 5 minutes from the beginning of brewing, about 75% of the maximum possible amount of fluoride extracted into the aqueous phase. The calculation of the hazard quotient and comparison of the amounts of fluoride entering the human body with recommended standards showed that daily consumption of 1 dm3 of tea provides on average 80% of the daily norm of fluoride, which helps to prevent caries and is characterized by a low probability of negative effects of fluoride on the body in the long term.
Keywords: water-soluble fluorine, total fluorine content, tea, ionometry, hazard quotient

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Article published in number 2 for 2020
DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2020-2-180-186
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