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Li Yu

Surname: Li first name: Yu middle name (if available)
Date of birth:1/30/1944
Citizenship: China

Academic degree, year awarding: d the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)
Honors and Awards for scientific activities, Memberships in the leading scientific community (if available), participation in the editorial boards of the leading peer-reviewed scientific publications (if available)

Flora Fungorum Sinicorum-Myxomycetes. Besides, Systematic studies on representative taxa in Myxomycetes and Systematic Taxonomy Research on Important taxa in Myxomycetes were awarded the Second Prize of National Natural Science, the First Prize of Jilin Provincial Advance of Science and Technology. Breeding Selection of New Edible Fungi Species, Research on the Concerned Skill for High Harvest and Establishment of Industrializing Creative System was awarded the First Prize of Jilin Provincial Advance of Science and Technology, while New Cultivation Mode for High Production and Efficiency of Northern Edible Fungi, the Second Prize of Jilin Provincial Advance of Science and Technology.

Principal place of work at the moment of application - position, full name of organization (short name of organization)

Engineering Research Center of Chinese Ministry of Education for Edible and Medicinal Fungi, Jilin Agricultural University, 2888 Xincheng Street, Changchun City, P. R. China

Total 459(number of publications) publications published in journals indexed in the Web of Science (number of publications), Scopus (number of publications).
List of publications the project manager for the last 5 years

   1. Li Meng, Yu Li*. Genes encoding FAD-binding proteins in Volvariella volvacea exhibit differential expression in homokaryons and heterokaryons[J].. //Microbiological Research, 2013, 168 :533– 546 (SCI)
   2. Li Fan, Cheng-Lin Hou & Yu Li.Tuber microverrucosum and T. huizeanum —two new species from China with reticulate ascospores. 2012.// Mycotaxon, 122, 161–169 (SCI)
   3.Zhang B, Li TH, Wang Q, Li Y. Myxomycetes from China 15: Arcyria galericulata sp. nov. Mycotaxon 2012, 12: 401-405 (SCI)
   4. Zhang  B, Li Y. 2012. Myxomycetes from China 16: Arcyodes incarnata and Licea retiformis, newly recorded for China.// Mycotaxon 122: 157–160 (SCI)
   5. Zhang B, Li Y.2013,Dianema macrosporum, a new myxomycete species from
northern China// Sodywia, 65(1):21~26 (SCI)
    6. Zhang B, Li Y.. 2012. Stemonaria liaoningensis, sp. Nov. (Myxomycetes, Stemonitidaceae) from northern China. //Sydowia. 64(2) 329-333 (SCI)
    7. Zhang B, Li Y.,2013.Craterium corniculatum sp. nov. from northwestern China. //Mycotaxon (SCI)
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    15. Guilian Yang , Chunfeng Wang*, Yu Li. *Studies on construction of a recombinant Eimeria tenella SO7 gene expressing Escherichia coli and its protective efficacy against homologous infection. //Parasitology International. 2010,59(4):517-523 (SCI)
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    18. Pu Liu ,Yu Li*.Dictyostelids from Ukraine 2: two new records of Dictyostelium // Mycotaxon. 2010: 112, 367–370 (SCI)
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    21.Liu Shu-yan, W.Liu,S.Takamatsu, Yu Li*.  Powdery mildew on tomato caused by Oidium neolycopersici in Changchun in China. //Plant Pathology 2008, 57(4): 778 (SCI)
    22.Xiao-Lan He ,Yu Li*.  A new species of dictyostelium// Mycotaxon 2008,106 : 379~383 (SCI)
    23.Feng-Yan Zhai,Ying-Lan Guo&Yu Li*.  A new species of Phaeoramularia on cimicifuga(ranunculaceae) //Mycotaxon 2008,106 : 203~207 (SCI)
    24.Li Z, Li Y, Wang X, Wang DL. First report of the aecial stage of a rust disease caused by Puccinia elymi on Thalictrum squarrosum in China. //Plant Pathology, 2009, 58(4): 798-798  (SCI)

Guide to of research projects (including the name of funds, the rooms, the name of the project and deadlines in the last 5 years)
1. The National Natural Science Foundation of China,based on net handle cellular slime representative taxon system ontogeny and molecular characteristics of the study,31170012,2012-2015,600000
3.0. Participation in educational activities (specified information about the management graduate, development and reading new educational courses in Russian and foreign universities).

Li Yu has founded Journal of Fungal Research, established Engineering Research Center of Chinese Ministry of Education for Edible and Medicinal Fungi, junior college course for Edible Fungi, undergraduate course for Applied Biology(for Edible and Medicinal Fungi) and concerned doctoral program and post-doctoral mobile research station which are the provincial key disciplines and have State Key Lab(training base). He is one of the first founders who established the complete system of Mycology and Edible Fungi Engineering faculties with a train of junior college, undergraduate, master, doctor, post-doctor. His team was awarded National Educational Team, which gained the Second Prize of the National Educational Achievement for one time, the First Prize of the Jilin Provincial Educational Achievement for three times. an editorial board member: Editor of Mycosystema(till 2009) and International Medicinal Mushroom

Postal address:Engineering Research Center of Chinese Ministry of Education for Edible and Medicinal Fungi, Jilin Agricultural University, 2888 Xincheng Street, Changchun City, P. R. China

Contact phone number


610000, Moskovskaya Str., 36,Kirov, Editing Department of the Journal “Theoretical and Applied Ecology”.
Phone/fax (8332) 37-02-77