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Journal «Theoretical and Applied Ecology»  2, 2018
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Section 1. Theoretical problems of ecology
1 Genetic engineering in solving “unsolvable” problems of soil remediation A. A. Gulevich
E. N. Baranova
I. G. Shirokikh
A. A. Shirokikh

Section 2. Methodology and research methods. Models and forecasts
2 Analysis of Kramer’s coral-reef food web model M. Solomonovich
I. Bica
L. Gao
. Hailu
3 A multi-factor model as the basis for the environmental quality management of urban reas E. V. Sokolskaya
B. I. Kochurov
Yu. A. Dolgov
V. A. Lobkovsky
4 Identification of the thickets of Heracleum sosnowskyi using Earth remote sensing data E. V. Tovstik
T. A. Adamovich
V. V. Rutman
G. Ya. Kantor
T. Ya. Ashikhmina
Section 3. Monitoring of anthropogenically disturbed areas
5 Characteristics of cryogenic calcite from cave Grandioznaya (V. A. Anufrieva), Southern Ural O. I. Kadebskaya
Y. V. Dublyansky
6 The response of lichens to the environmental pollution under the bauxite mining in the taiga zone T. K. Golovko
M. . Shelyakin
I. G. Zakhozhiy
G. N. Tabalenkova
T. N. Pystina
7 Production of organic matter and carbon stock in ground vegetation of spruce and birch phytocenoses in the Foothills of the Subpolar Urals T. A. Pristova
S. V. Zagirova
A. V. Manov
Section 4. Ecologization of production
8 Assessment of the composition and the microstructure of aluminium-containing waste
for the substantiation of the directions of its use
A. A. Martynova
G. M. Batrakova
Thermotechnical properties of municipal solid waste depending upon component and fractional composition S. V. Polygalov
G. V. Ilinykh
V. N. Korotaev
10 Modification of the sludge from soda production for producing oil sorbents E. V. Kalinina
I. S. Glushankova
L. V. Rudakova
11 Technology for conversion of whey into organic-mineral fertilizers with amino acids Yu. N. Terentyev
N. V. Syrchina
T. Ya. Ashikhmina
. V. Sazanov
M. L. Sazanova
V. A. Kozvonin
D.V. Petukhov
Section 5. Ecotoxicology
12 Assessment of soil contamination in the recreational areas of the city by the industrial compounds of heavy metals and arsenic T. A. Trifonova
A. A. Podolets
O. G. Selivanov
A. A. Martsev
A. A. Podolets
13 Comprehensive chemical-toxicological research of copper (II) sulfate solutions containing reduced glutathione E. I. Lyalina
A. I. Fokina
T. Ya. Ashikhmina
A. S. Olkova
E. V. Beresneva
L. V. Darovskikh
A. S. Yarmolenko
14 Some aspects of aluminum detoxifying in plants: phytotoxic and genotoxic effects B. I. Synzynys
L. N. Ulyanenko
Section 6. Problems of environmental protection
15 Degradation of Acid Orange 7 in a persulphate-bisulfite system under visible light Heng Zhong
Jia Fang
Lei Sun
Hui Zhao
Aihua Xu
Dongsheng Xia
A. V. Nevsky
Section 7. Population ecology
16 Formation and assessment of the phytoregulatory potential of multispecies biofilms based on Fischerella muscicola L. I. Domracheva
I. G. Shirokikh
E. V. Tovstik
S. G. Skugoreva
E. N. Reznik